I’ll Bet You’re Gambling With What Matters Most

wednesdays with wayne May 10, 2017

Have you ever felt like you were doing something that wouldn’t really make a difference, like you were spinning your wheels just to get through the task?  Maybe you feel like that at work. Maybe it’s that committee you joined and realized is strangling you.  Maybe it’s your relationship.  You know that something is off, but hey, you just keep going.

In this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne, you’ll poke around at the concepts of Alignment and Congruence and even a phenomenon called “the gambler’s dilemma.”  

Let’s start right there!  The gambler’s dilemma happens when you’re playing a game; you’re invested.  You’ve begun betting, and you realize that your hand is okay, but it’s only just okay.  It’s not great.  You’re not sure that you’ll win, but you don’t want to lose.  The dilemma is this – you’ve invested so much already,...

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You "sell" what??

wednesdays with wayne May 03, 2017

My clients’ journeys are never straight forward.  Like so many of us, you think you want one thing and really need something you hadn’t even considered.  

The theme of the comments (and wonderful compliments) that have come my way centers on how authentically I’ve helped people to become.  And in today’s Wednesdays With Wayne, the question arises – how do you “sell” the outcome that you give to people?

“I’m more me!”

“I’m so much more free to be my authentic self!”

Most people believe that they’re already being themselves.  I mean, don’t you?  And yet, it’s not until we step into the challenges of discovery of our personal values and the courage to step up or step back, it’s not until you’re guided or shown how you can be different that you really let go of who you thought you were supposed to be.  It’s at that point, you are on the path to...

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How Do I Know?

wednesdays with wayne Apr 26, 2017

How Do I Know?

Depending on where you put the emphasis, that could be read as HOW do I know?
Or perhaps, How DO I Know?
Or maybe, How do I Know?
Or is it, How do I KNOW?

For the sake of this Wednesdays With Wayne, we’ll go with the latter:
How do I KNOW?

People ask me all the time, how do I KNOW if…
…if it’s right to hire, fire, invest, go forward with this project or that project or…?  The list goes on.  

Here’s the answer –

  1. Do some research – making as informed a decision as possible is important without delaying deciding because there will always be more information to be had.  Get some information.  Then…
  2. Trust your gut – your instincts are probably good.  And finally…
  3. Course correct as needed.

Honestly, you may never KNOW for certain if the choice you made is the right one.  You can only know the results.  When you connect the dots, you’re looking backward to see what...

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This guy just challenged me big time!

wednesdays with wayne Apr 19, 2017

When I travel, I like to meet with my clients before I begin training their teams.  It’s important that we’re on the same page, that I understand the needs of the business owner, and that they know my working style.

We had a great dinner together.  It was casual and we began to get to know each other on a deeper, more personal level.  Toward the end of dinner, I asked a question for which the answer is usually predictable.

In this Wednesdays With Wayne, I’m about to share with you the answer he gave that shook me up quite a bit.

Me (in a light, upbeat tone):  So, what are you hoping for or expecting from me? I thought he’d say, “Oh, just do what you think is best for us” or something like that.  I smiled as I awaited his answer.  

Him (smiling back):  Excellence.

I laughed and told him that of course he’d get that.  I always bring that and I expect it of myself.

And yet, that word… that single...

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How To Easily Clear Negative Thoughts In One Step!

wednesdays with wayne Apr 12, 2017

Arrrrggggghhhhh!!!  Those thoughts.  Even DynamicLeaders and High Performers have those thoughts that creep in.  They give you the “gift” of self-doubt.  They tell you to think again and they remind you that you’re not good enough.

In this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne, I call B.S. on that!  And you can too!

There’s a quick “pattern interrupt” you can use for yourself.

It’s fast and it works like MAGIC!  

Try this now and see how you feel –

Lean back, take a breath, look up, and say (or think really loudly) Reset – Reset!!!

Really, it’s three steps all wrapped into one action:  Lean back, take a breath (and blow it out) while saying “Reset!  Reset!”  If you wanted to, you could toss in “I’m A DynamicLeader®” after saying Reset.  It makes for a powerful statement.

Here’s the thing:  You’ve been looking downward at your...

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Your thermostat is killing you!

wednesdays with wayne Apr 05, 2017

The concept of “set point” came up in a recent coaching conversation.  While typically associated with a certain weight that a body seems to settle at, I believe that the notion of set-point extends to other factors in our lives including fitness, finances, and friendship.  I also believe that we can shift any given set point and not settle for what’s comfortable (even uncomfortably comfortable).

You get comfortable, you settle for what’s easy, and in so doing, you hold yourself back.  High performing DynamicLeaders don’t hold themselves back, and in this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne, you’re diving into what I call The Cost Of Comfort.  

On my recent coaching call, we discussed what an ideal weight was, what was easy, and what trigger there was as an alert to change something. The truth is that you probably aren’t at your ideal weight. In addition to that truth is the fact that it is likely that you haven’t...

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Divine Answers

wednesdays with wayne Mar 29, 2017

During my most recent MasterMind* group, a thought came up for me.  I wondered about abundance.  And I did some internal reflection on what was “enough.”  They’re not mutually exclusive, in fact, in a Venn diagram, they’re probably overlapping.  

*A MasterMind is a group of people who come from a variety of different backgrounds and businesses to work on core problems, either personal or universal.  The concept is that if I have an apple and you have an apple and we trade apples, we each still have an apple.  If I have an idea and you have an idea and we share ideas, we now have AT LEAST two ideas.  …at least!!!  (See below for how you can join an amazing mastermind with me!)

I guess the sweet spot is to really live in that space of truly having enough while feeling abundant.

Yet the questions gnawed at me and I know that every so often, I need a perspective reset.  It’s one thing to see others with...

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You MUST Ask...

wednesdays with wayne Mar 22, 2017

Just as you watch a child move through stages of growth or watch people progress through a class, you can tell just how they’re growing based on the questions they pose.  You can actually see what kind of perspective a person has in his/her world by the questions they ask.  

In this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne, you get to explore your own growth and challenge your perspective.  Are you seeing enough?  Are you asking the right questions?  Have the questions you’re asking changed?

My clients show their maturation through the process of leadership in a variety of ways.  Over the course of weeks and in just a few months, my clients gain a new perspective about their lives.  In so growing, the nature of the questions they ask changes.

Maybe you have kids.  Maybe you’re around people who act like kids.  Maybe this is you.  Think about your current situation.  Whether you’re at work, at home, or just...

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THE Quick Trick for Holding It All Together

wednesdays with wayne Mar 15, 2017

You’re probably on the go… again!  It’s been a week already and we’re not even done.  Like most high performers, you’re feeling the pressure to get it all done.  

In this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne I’ll show you THE best way to hold it all together.  It actually hit me in the shower and I knew I had to share this with you.  Yep, I was wet and naked and thinking of you.  (Okay, so… maybe you didn’t need to know that.  Let’s keep going here.)

I have a lot on my plate.  

  • I’m getting ready to bring out a new course, I’ll be presenting it live, and that’s something I’ve never done.
  • I’m involved in a TeleSummit on athletic excellence, which is good for everyone, actually.  It’s free if you want to check it out – whether or not you consider yourself an athlete, you’ll learn something at the Forever Elite Athlete FREE teleconference....
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Intentional or Committed?

wednesdays with wayne Mar 08, 2017

The themes that come up in my work with my clients across the country inspire me to share this with you as a Wednesdays With Wayne post.  It feels a little more personal when the themes my clients wrestle with are the same ones that seem to crop up for me.  If there are that many indicators of a direction, I’d better pay attention.

And that leads me to the concepts to consider this week. We have wishes and desires.  We have intentions.  And we have the things we do.  

Life is AWESOME when those align.

Last week I asked you to explore what was important and to really define for yourself what is important right now vs. what is important and can still wait.  When you have wishes and desires you choose to DO something about them.  You can choose to simply wish.  Or you can choose to move toward attaining your wish.  

You create an intention.  And then, you take action.

When you create an intention, you move that wish to a planned...

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