It's Not About The Squirrel (Self-Sabotage and Patterns for Distraction

wednesdays with wayne Mar 17, 2021

You’re not lazy.

You’re not procrastinating.

You’re not even self-sabotaging.


What is this distractibility that comes on like a heavy fog blowing through? What happens when, on the verge of doing something big, there’s some other stuff that needs attention.


Is it that squirrel thing?


It’s deeper than that.


You want more.

You know there’s more and you’re aching to get it. But you’ve gotten good at ignoring what feels like a dull ache from inside, so you just carry on. You allow the fog and distractions to wash over you.


I’m here to poke you a little and to remind you about who you are supposed to be, who you deserve to be.


I’m also here to give you a torch to shine the light on what’s really going on with you.


You know that drawer that needs organizing? Or that social media post or article? Or that show that you just need to see the end of? Or that snack that’s calling you?


Yeah… here’s your flashlight. That stuff – that’s the distraction that you get sucked into. It’s your safety zone. It feels good until the pressure of doing that other thing you have wanted to get to either flares up or subsides.


You’ve taught yourself how to deal with that kind of discomfort and all of that comes from your subconscious. You know how to live with the ache of doing the same things which all keep you at a set-point in your life.


Like a thermostat, your subconscious will kick in to bring you back down to the “normal” you’ve taught it to hover at.


Weird, right? 


It’s not some external thing that keeps you from getting ahead.

It’s not.

It’s what you’ve learned to tolerate.

It’s YOU.


Practice changing your internal set-point on whatever it is you said you wanted. Use the draw to the distractions as a Huge Neon Sign that you’re choosing to go down the comfortably uncomfortable path rather than step into your next great level and iteration of yourself


Bank balance, health, personal growth, relationships… those all find ways of being put on hold by one simple thing: the old stories that you’ve allowed to keep running in your head. 

Risk… risk being thought of as “too ambitious” or “one of those people.” Risk stepping up to the next level so that you can serve more greatly. The learning that you gain as you grow truly helps you to serve those around you.


Your growth matters. 

And that starts with your mindset.


Let’s go!


~ Dr P ~

Pretty much everyone needs additional support and an outside perspective to move to the next level. Look at any of the greats in any field, from business to politics, to athletics and you’ll find that the true greats had trusted advisors along the way. 

It’s your time. It’s your turn. Maybe you’re ready for a Breakthrough Success Coach.

If that’s true, reach out to me. You’ve wanted more. It’s time to get there. Reach out and we’ll set up a no-cost power call. Let’s make this year count!   ~ Dr P ~


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