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Are you a leader that feels like you’ve reached the top, hit your goals and now…. You’re lost at what is next?

Welcome! You’re in the right place!

How come you ache for more when you have such a good amount of success behind you? You got onto a path that seemed great when you started, parts of it are still great, and yet… somehow you feel so constrained, like you just need to break free!  

Anyone who has made that climb has felt that and yes, you ARE in the Right Place to Achieve and Become MORE.  The next part of your journey – our journey together – is about more freedom.

Dr Wayne Pernell is a Global Executive Coach, Corporate Consultant, C-Suite Whisperer, Facilitator, Outfluencer, and Trusted Advisor. 

“Dr P” has a coaching approach custom-tailored to the unique needs of the busy executive and a proprietary system aimed at helping leaders at all levels with goal attainment, organization effectiveness, competence, courage, decision-making, team building, effective change-management, increased energy, managing organizational politics and mitigating derailing behaviors, and discerning new directions for new successes.


As a Global Executive Coach, through the Magic of Dr P, LLC, I bring a suite of resources, training, and direct coaching designed to lift your leadership to the highest potential of productivity, personal effectiveness, and fulfillment. My clients are leaders who have attained success and understand that there’s “more.”  They ache to have more, be more, do more, and serve more. Clients of any of the DynamicLeader® programs honor their journey with me by engaging fully, growing courageously, and generously referring others to me.

Advising leaders and teams to achieve break-through levels of personal and professional success

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Online Courses

Break through to new levels of fulfillment and success with my world-class online courses.


So proud to be an Amazon best-selling author! Each of my books helps you to become stronger at home, at work, and in the world.

Speaking & Consulting

Driving home key points about learning, communicating, and getting clear on your end-goal, Dr Pernell has been well received for his presentations at gatherings of all sizes.

Dr. Wayne Pernell and his books have been featured on

"This program is life changing, super-charging my trajectory to the Nth degree!"

Dr. Michael O
Dentist, Entrepreneur, and DynamicLeader™

"I found more of myself, began to lead more powerfully, and became more authentic and free both at work and at home."

Rich B
Senior VP, Multi-National Corp

"The DynamicLeader® program put me on a High Performance path that changed everything!"

Dr. Roberta G
Dentist, Entrepreneur, Voice-Over Actress, and DynamicLeader™

"I really feel so much more empowered in my practice which makes me feel more present in my entire life. Thank you so much for that wonderful gift."

Dr. E Lacrampe

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