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Julie Bruns

"Wayne was the exact business coach I needed, when I needed it!  He’s warm, wise, ready to ask the right questions, and always has great recommendations and resources.  I came away with awesome insights, poised to take my business to the next level.  I knew I needed to work with him 1:1 after participating in his Powerful Presence™ Program.  He knows how to encourage people and get them thinking about how they can achieve their best.  I left every interaction with “aha moments." Thanks Wayne, I’ll always cherish the day we met!"

You Can Have Exponential Success

It’s not unusual to have been on a climb, reached a level of success, and then end up feeling somewhat unfulfilled. A lot more people feel that way than they’d like to admit. And, you’re in the right place.


The journey has changed you. And that’s a good thing. You wouldn’t want to be who you were a decade or two ago. So now it’s about redefining what success means to you, your organization, and your family.

You might be looking to reengage with self and find that authentic place from which to spring forward in order to drive both productivity and happiness.

Let’s get focused on your new values and create a vision and strategy and your next best move: becoming a DynamicLeader®

Breaking through to more - having more, being more, serving more happens right here. 

Yes, you’re in the right place. 


By developing your leadership skills, you will expand company culture and create a high-performing team that can function in any environment, whether on-site or remote. It starts with you.

Effective leadership changes how an organization develops teams, and as a result, delivers value to its customers. It requires a rethinking of how modern businesses use their top resources, those of time, money, and people. Systems and processes need to be founded in values and vision of the leadership. It’s this integration that positively affects the performance and outcomes of the organization.

High-Performance Leadership Development - the path of the DynamicLeader® - interdepartmentally provides for an integration of values and alignment of strategy for the entire organization. Resilience, Agility, and Creativity are required in this changing business environment. That all starts with a mindset, an envisioned positive outcome, and an ability to adapt while moving forward.

That’s the culture you want to build - as a leader, as an individual, as an organization.

DynamicLeader®, Inc

Over three-and-a-half decades ago, Dr Wayne Pernell, the founder of DynamicLeader®, Inc., set out on a journey to engage people in their personal and professional growth, deliberately, actively, positively.

After providing traditional couple’s therapy, Wayne received a call. The man complimented him on the work he did and suggested that he come to provide similar guidance for him (the president of a large organization based in South San Francisco) and his vice-president. Communication guidelines, working agreements, and values were discussed. A vision was created; from that, a strategic plan and a communication plan. All employees were brought into the fold and a new direction was solidified!


Since then, “Dr P” began working with senior leadership in organizations across a broad array of fields, from law to finance, from retail to insurance. The DynamicLeader® programs was born, engaging with start-ups to well-established international multi-billion dollar organizations, Dr Wayne Pernell and DynamicLeader® Inc. are sought for coaching, consulting, and speaking.

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