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Internationally sought speaker, Dr Wayne Pernell engages, inspires, & educates!


Dr Pernell has worked with companies including Schwab, Whole Foods Market, and AAA and he's been seen on television across the country (Fox, CBS, NBC, ABC, and the CW).

He's a #1 best-selling author and has been quoted in Forbes, the New York Times, Fast Company, and Entrepreneur.





Catch Dr Wayne Pernell on season 2 of the Amazon Prime Television's SpeakUp!

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Significance Over Influence Leads To Lasting Legacy

Now on the TED stage!!!
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There are some rough edits here and the presentation isn't as vibrant as I'm used to for stage.
And... this is just the beginning!
Stay tuned as I take on more TED stages and bigger!

Dr P is available for your organization, from small group training to large group inspiration and education.


Dr P has worked with groups of a few to a few thousand.


Dr Pernell's Inspirational, Educational, and Entertaining Speaking Topics Include:

* Leadership and The Paradox of We

* The Three C's of Leadership

* Five Steps A Powerful Presence

* Your Significance Factor

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