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Hosted by: Dr. Wayne Pernell

Most people live their lives using a dull blade, hoping to make it through to another day. Even a thousand dull blades would be no match for One Sharp Sword! One Sharp Sword is about breaking free and cutting...

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Popping the Balloon

It takes effort to inflate a balloon and only one bad or sharp edged experience to pop it. Having come off of a cruise not that long ago, I was reflecting on the exceptional customer service we had. And then, at the...
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Sick of Being Grateful

I’m not cynical. It’s just this time of year, gratitude seems to feel forced. Personally, I wake up annoyingly perky with “thank you” as the first two words to escape my lips. We don’t need a day for this. We need to...
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Checking Under The Hood

It used to be that at gas stations, you could get full service. You’d get your gas pumped and you’d learn about the fluid levels in your car. That doesn’t happen much any more and what’s true is that we don’t pay much...
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Interview with Nicky Billou

Nicky Billou (pronounced like Baloo the bear) is a thought leader, business coach, and inspirational speaker. He’s a podcast host and international #1 best selling author. Ultimately, he helps people get out of their...
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Growing Pains as Life Works For You

You may have recognized that you’re not the same person you were 20 years ago. What matters to you today is different from what mattered, even yesterday. In this episode, one big question, one core observation, three...
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Will I Do It?

We all have so much on our plates and to-do lists, that it’s important to keep that question at the forefront of your mind as you take on something new. Will I Do It? Or, might it just feel like something fun to...
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Winning or Succeeding

It’s important to redefine success. Winning seems to be about making someone else lose. The truth is, well, that happens. It’s also true that this is an abundant universe and we can support each other in getting...
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Motivation and Appreciation

You get more of what you focus on. What are you focused on for yourself? I’m not good enough! OR I’m so grateful that life is working for me! What are you looking for from others? What are you looking for from...
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The Filter of Excellent Over Expensive

What’s the actual cost of “expensive?” Because you really have to ask yourself, compared to what?   That’s expensive…  You don’t need that…  That’s not who you are…  Who do you think you are, wanting to have or do...
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It's My Birthday, Uh-Huuhhh - Personal New Year's Things I Do

Episode #159

Every year on my birthday, I look for things to celebrate and recalibrate my values.   If I had things on my goal list that didn’t get completed, I had to evaluate whether I really wanted to do them or whether I...
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How to Lead In Integrity Without Apology

Episode #158

An apologetic leader isn’t followed for very long. Their trust level dips and their judgment of leadership qualities are natural.   Sure, if you’ve made a huge transgression, apologize for it in the context of...
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Interview with James Barrood

Episode #157

Jim’s job is unusual. He leads teams of innovators to continue to innovate. He has created an innovation ecosystem, nurturing ideas and building bridges.   In our interview, he highlights that entrepreneurship is...
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