Interview with Hugh Ballou

What does a musician and conductor know about leadership? My guest, Hugh Ballou, sees his work at conducting transformations. He defines what leadership is and isn’t and what components go into great leadership. His company, SynerVision is a crossover between synergy and vision. Here are some key points. Listen in for more!


  • Leadership isn’t dictatorship - the leader is an influencer! 
  • In an orchestra, the leader knows the score and everyone playing knows their part 
  • Infrastructure is everything, what you’re playing is almost secondary
  • It all comes together - through practice, performance, clarity, and community
  • BIG LEADERSHIP LESSON: Rather than tell people what to do, state your expectation and your availability to mentor. THIS IS A PARENTING TIP, TOO. (Just be sure you’re walking the talk and not asking others to do as you say, not as you do.)
  • THE CULTURE IS A REFLECTION of the leader!
  • Rehearse Excellence
  • Four foundational leadership principles:
    • Vision = The Score
      • Be ready to articulate the vision
    • Relationships and Building a Team
      • Hire The Best
    • Systems - create systems that help your team do their jobs
      • That includes the way you run meetings (bad meetings kill productivity)
    • Value the Rests
      • You can’t drive and push all the time. You’ve got to create emphatic balance through clarifying punctuation. 


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