Interview with Kevin Gazzara

Having grown up in PA, Dr. Kevin Gazzara had a propensity for taking things apart and putting them back together, it was a natural curiosity that drove him. He found himself organizing events for his friends. And what do you get when you have a curious kid who likes to organize? A focus on business and engineering.


After decades with Intel and other organizations, Kevin took to entrepreneurship. He became an executive coach, putting his experience to great use. His focus: productivity and building teams. 


He believes in action learning, engaging those he teaches to have immediate, practical impact. He looks at six key areas:

  • Behavioral styles
  • Communication and conflict
  • Values and guiding people to their natural place of Flow
  • Critical Thinking (so absent and so important these days)
  • Leadership Styles
  • Motivation & Engagement - here, he notes that you cannot motivate someone else. You can create the circumstances or environment that helps them to feel motivated.


Pain Points in most organizations include:

  • Retention (and Kevin notes that this starts with hiring correctly)
  • Motivation (and here, Kevin suggests asking a couple of questions so that rewards are unique to the individual - I’d add that this crosses over to family, as well)
    • What three things might you like as recognition (surprise, when you really dig, you’ll find it’s not money as #1)
    • How do you like that delivered, publicly or privately?
    • And a caution NOT to overuse recognition. 


Leadership and management lessons can cross over to parenting if you think about it. I like to build that bridge. We want to build upon values and create autonomy by building mastery and purpose. Along the way, there’s accountability.


The lessons here are great for everyone, from leaders to family members!


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