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Hosted by: Dr. Wayne Pernell

Most people live their lives using a dull blade, hoping to make it through to another day. Even a thousand dull blades would be no match for One Sharp Sword! One Sharp Sword is about breaking free and cutting...

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Thinking - Preparing - Putting Off Doing

Episode #156

How much time do we spend thinking about what needs to get done? Are you caught in the “getting ready to get ready” loop?   One of my 1:1 clients gave me a gem when she had the insight,  I spent more time thinking...
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Hiding from Authenticity

Episode #155

Where have you let judgment stop you from showing up as your authentic self? We all do it. We all have rules in our heads that stop us from fully expressing who we are because, “what would other people think?”   The...
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Interview with Colleen Mertes

Episode #154

They’re not stupid, they just can’t read. Colleen is a woman of service with a great heart. She grew up in Southern California and became a nurse. But she was called back to something closer to home as her father had...
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Interview with Jeff Barker

Episode #153

You’d think that the president of a bank, of BofA in New York state, would be stuffy. You’d think he’d be all about the numbers. And you’d think he’d be hard to talk to. And, refreshingly, you’d be wrong on all...
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Interview with Brandon Fong

Episode #152

Brandon Fong, founder of www.7figuremillennials.com shares valuable information and insights on building connections that leverage you to the next level.   He offered insights on the REAL framework to use when...
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The End of Drama... Really?

Episode #151

When you realize that YOU are the one responsible for the drama in your life, your life changes. There’s only one person who is giving meaning to any given situation that affects you. That’s you. Other people will...
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The Dynamic Balance of Success

Episode #150

Your life isn’t static. When you stop moving or stop growing, you’re dying or… dead.   Success isn’t static. Success is very much Dynamic. What you thought looked like success some time ago may not feel so...
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Handed My A**

Episode #149

It wasn’t unkind. It wasn’t malicious. It was a simple statement - “You’re not doing these things you said were important to you because you just don’t want to do them.” What?  You’re not doing the things on your...
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Morrison- Interview with a Woman on a Mission

Episode #148

From Montreal to Toronto to Queens to Denver and back to New York City…! Morrison has had some amazing adventures, personally and professionally.   She works for the Warren Law Group, specializing in the cannabis...
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Listening to Whispers

Episode #147

We often put off what we want to do for the sake of doing what we “should” do.  Yes, be responsible. AND Listen to your desires. Listen to the subtle call that says, “over here!”   It is possible to do both - be...
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Leadership Lessons from Fear, Anxiety, and GRATITUDE

Episode #146

The hard stuff is what gets you through to the next level. You’re the one that puts the hard stuff in your path. And if you approach it with gratitude, as something you get to do, and you take on the lessons that get...
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It's Hard Till It's Not

Episode #145

As with most everything new, it’s hard. Learning to drive is hard. Learning a new language is hard. Letting go of old habits and stepping into an upleveled version of yourself is hard.   You leave something behind....
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