Interview with John Rossman

From Amazon Exec in the early, scrappy days to leadership and strategic consultant, John Rossman’s insights are of tremendous value for anyone in a place of looking at, and impacting their organization.

He notes that dissatisfied customers are a gift. This prompted a conversation about curiosity and the need to be open enough to ask for further feedback. Step into customer obsession and really explore who you’re there to serve.

Keys to success (among many) include:
       •   Patience
       •   Urgency about the things you can control and not worrying about the things you

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Other lessons from today’s episode:
       •   Be willing to have a hypothesis that could be proven wrong (this is the Big Bet
       •   Innovation means looking at doing things differently and not being satisfied in doing
           well doing what we do well
       •   Leadership must create a balance of creating high performing teams and empathy         •   Winning is about:
              º   Do your customers love you and have loyalty, or will they move if a better price
                   comes along? (Metrics: great NetPromoter score)
              º    Is it a great place to be a team member?
              º    Does your financial model justify the business?

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