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Interview with Chad Hufford

Chad Hufford is in the financial world now. He was picked on as a kid, used adversity to drive him, went on a pre-med path in taking up biochemistry, became an athletic coach, and let all of that background simmer together to help people make changes and stay on a path toward financial success.

He’s in Anchorage, Alaska, and that’s not a typical kind of culture that any of us would be used to. He’s learned a lot in being there and brings his insights.

Some of the key points made in this program include (and listen in for them all):
        •  Optimism isn’t ignoring reality, nor is it a stepwise process.
        •  Have a goal and a destination (and note that the goals can be fluid)
        •  Have a willingness to learn
        •  What are you doing (input) to get the outcomes (output) you actually want?
        •  Consistency is key!
        •  Depersonalize rejection - it’s not about YOU.
        •  Sustainability over Optimization!
        •  Think about the process, we don’t tend to scale back, but we quit. Don’t quit!
        •  Not starting is the other place where people simply fail before they give themselves a chance
        •  Leverage your resources - most people don’t know what resources the already have
        •  Redefine failure - perfect is the enemy of done
        •  Automate good habits
        •  Chad talks about Sacrifice - I say, “Let go of the things that no longer serve you.”
        •  What is your risk tolerance? There’s no such thing as No Risk.
        •  Volatility is temporary ambiguity. Stable isn’t about safety.
        •  Comfort is the antithesis of success.

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