Interview with Amanda Kaufman

How does someone with social anxiety and body image issues do the work to become an entrepreneur with a business doing $2M in revenue?

It’s quite a story, but the transformation happened pretty quickly! And yours can too.

Having a degree in engineering, she managed to find a job in an adjacent line of work - purchasing and procurement. When it came time to get into sales on her own, she had a horrible fear of rejection. (Don’t we all?)

In this episode, Amanda reveals her path to success and gives us some GREAT lessons along the way.

It’s about building the lifestyle you want.

       •   Leverage new knowledge! Once you learn a thing, you can’t unlearn it. How do you stack a new
           skill onto that?
       •   Confidence stack, as well. You’ve done this before! Do it s’more!
       •   Focus on forward looking and forward action. Don’t let yourself think that you can't do something.
           What can you do?
       •   Be like a child, enjoy curiosity, engage in ignorance on fire!
       •   Winning isn’t about competition. Beware of a fear of losing that sets the stage for a self loathing.
           Don’t give into a need to win for validation.
       •   Pain is about life lessons. Build on them.
       •   Do the thing! Keep forward action.

Amanda is doing group coaching and some private coaching for coaches.

Find her on all the social media spots at Amanda Kaufman.
Visit for information about building your coaching business.

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