Interview with Paul Teasdale

Here’s a guy who REALLY knows how the sausage is made! He also has lessons from Formula One McLaren Racing!

From engineer to airplane repair process improvement to sausage making to shipping to working for a container company to consulting in food processing to dairy and banking to McLaren Racing for process improvement!

Paul reminds us that it’s about Outcome First
  -     Look at the processes in place.
                 -    Don’t make an inefficient process efficient. If you don’t need the process, eliminate it!

F1 brought in ballerinas to speed the process of tire changes in the pitstop. Look at what you can learn from other experts. They examined how to be fast, consistent, and in flow.

Paul Teasdale’s processes:
Results/outcomes oriented
Elements that go into the results
Focus areas for the biggest impact
Relevance (sorting for what’s in or out)
Analogy - tell the story Mastery - what makes the master
Execution - adapt and adopt

And R-A-P-I-D
Data → What’s the smallest amount of data needed to make the decision (to keep out of analysis paralysis)

Data = the What = facts and figures
Information = the So What = the targets and where you are in relation to them Insights = the synthesis and presentation of the information

Find Paul at: Look for his podcast, Helping People Perform
And on LinkedIn connect with Paul James Teasdale


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