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The Exponential Success Coach


Dr Wayne Pernell, known as The Exponential Success Coach, is also a highly sought speaker, Amazon #1 International Best-Selling Author, blogger, and podcast host. He holds a doctorate in clinical psychology and has over three decades of experience in helping accomplished leaders do the things they have put off for years without giving up the success that got them there. 

Dr Pernell is the founder and president of DynamicLeader®, Inc. He is a member of the Forbes Business Council, a two-time TEDx Speaker, has been featured in the Television series SpeakUp, and is regularly seen on NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, and The CW, as well as heard on radio and podcasts around the world. He is being featured in a new documentary, Big Stages. And his work can also be found in Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Forbes, and the NY Times, and so many others.

I believe everyone should have a personal mission or vision statement.


Something to live into; something that’s both inspirational and aspirational. Each of us, before setting an organizational vision, needs to state our own purpose. I get to live into this, every day!


"I live intentionally, boldly, and lovingly to Teach, Touch, and Transform the lives of others, deliberately, actively, and positively, so that they may engage at their highest potential, authentically, and purposefully."



My dad taught me that continuous education was important. He also taught me to aim high and to stay open to possibilities. I understood those lessons. And I’ve lived them regularly since I was a kid back in the 1970s: keep learning or you begin to slide. I guess that’s why I’ve always valued personal and professional development.


One of my mentors called it “automobile university.” I pretty much grew up listening to leaders while driving in my car. Long before podcasts existed, I had a subscription to receive tapes in the mail. I couldn’t wait. I listened and scribbled onto a notepad, juggled on my knee. As cassettes turned to CDs, my habit continued. 


I’d also go to events when I could. While attending a seminar focused on excellence, I spoke with a gentleman seated next to me. We shared conversation about our paths. Before the seminar was over, he invited me to facilitate his team through some leadership development exercises. He proposed a three-day retreat with the goal of creating a five-year strategic plan for their organization. I eagerly agreed. This man was a senior leader in a very large, very well known, international investment company. 


I had facilitated small groups for a few hours at a time, but never senior executives for days on end. It seemed that my intention was met with opportunity. I knew I had to say yes, even to the things that seem too big to take on. It’s how we grow. 


The work flowed through all of us as we alternated between my teaching specific leadership and operational concepts and taking time for team building and communication exercises. Clarity of direction ensued, a vision was created, values-based outcomes were identified, and a strategy for profitable success was created. Three days and several three-inch binders later, we had a bonded team and a multi-year strategic plan.



It was hard work. And it felt good.  

It still is, and it still does!

It’s who I am, and it’s what I do.

Empowering Leaders To Show Up Dynamically

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You might be wondering which program is the right one for you.

Is it the 1:1 coaching for yourself and a group of other leaders? Is it an assessment of your company’s culture? Is it a training or two? Is it a package that encompasses a combination of those? 


We won’t know till we talk. There’s nothing cookie-cutter about the DynamicLeader® programs.  


Though we’ll find time to do in-office meetings as needed, much of my work is done remotely (at least initially).  That means that no matter where you are in the world, we can find a time to connect.  Book a call with me directly by finding a time on my calendar shown below. Instead of speaking with one of my valued and trusted team members, you’ll speak directly with me.


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