Interview with Doug Noll

What can an attorney tell us about peace-making?
A lot!
His big claim: In 90 seconds he can extinguish any argument (and teach you to do the same).

What is leadership level listening?
        •  Type One Listening is to get information that you can use and then close out the conversation
        •  Type Two Listening is about validating the other person, making the other person feel heard.

When you’re flooded with emotions, yours or someone else’s, try Affective Labeling.

A leader’s job is to provide Focus, Direction, and Safety.

We can only identify others’ emotions if we’re calm.

There are several layers of emotions that act as triggers. These include:
        •  Anger
        •  Disrespect
        •  Fear
        •  Disgust
        •  Shame
        •  Abandonment

To get to the heart of another person, get them to tell you their story.
Ask open ended questions.
Seek to observe four non-voluntary responses:
        •  Head
        •  Nod Verbal Responses
        •  Relaxed Shoulders
        •  Sigh

Doug’s book: Deescalate: How to Calm Anyone in 90 Seconds or Less Reach out at: and directly at [email protected]


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