Interview with Beate Chelette

Beate Chelette (pronounced Bay-ah-tay shal-Let) immigrated here from Munich, Germany. Having held a senior and highly coveted position at Elle magazine, she realized that she had gone down the path of becoming who she really didn’t want to be.

Rebounding from a bad marriage, a massive recession, and a Southern California earthquake, Beate developed her Unapologetic Value Proposition.

She’s an expert at helping people through the simple-but-not-so-easy process of growing a business.

Key nuggets from this One Sharp Sword episode:
       •   Think about what you want to feel or experience; what do you want your customers to feel or
            experience? What outcomes do you want for them.
                  ○   Create the blueprint from there
                  ○   Build out the foundation of your plan
                  ○   Determine the “who,” what people you’ll want/need on your team
                  ○   List out the other resources you’ll need
       •   What’s your idea? Why you? Why is the idea important? Who would buy it?
       •   What are you actually offering?
       •   What systems do you have and what do you need to implement?
       •   What team members do you need in place?
       •   Who do you need to become as the leader?

Get past fear to your strategies, your systems, and your authority.

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