Interview with Eric Holsapple

Eric Holsapple is an expert on mindful leadership. He shares his wisdom with us noting the importance of presence, especially as a leader. And that’s why I invited him to One Sharp Sword.

It’s important work. When you can be mindful and truly present, especially in our distraction-based world, you make a difference in the people around you, your organization, and potentially the world.

Eric invites us to reflect internally and think about the vision we have of ourselves and for our future. He notes that to create a different future, we might need a different self-concept and that is created through habits.

Key points:
       •  Mindfulness is focus. If I’m judging, I’m not focused; I’ve already made a decision.
       •  Don’t just let your body carry your head to a meeting. Integrate.
       •  Mindfulness becomes a culture (a way of being) AND a strategy.
       •  You’re not your job, you have a job.
       •  Self-esteem can come from humility, not from positional power.
       •  Intention moves things.
       •  Profit is the result of purpose.

Be present and practice mindfulness… Seriously, practice. Take just two minutes to allow yourself to focus on something, anything, and not let distractions intrude.

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Look for his program: 12 Pillars of Mindful Leadership and pick up his book: Profit with Presence
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