Interview with Julie Pham

R-E-S-P-E-C-T (sing it) Dr Julie Pham brings us her story from joining her refugee parents at 2 months old to earning her PhD at Cambridge. She’s been in operations and has found that relationship building is a positive path to success.

In this podcast, Dr Julie and I speak about resilience and how to thrive, being creative and resourceful, and using hope and optimism.

We also discuss The Seven Forms of Respect
Each of us has a preferred style where/how we desire and demonstrate respect.

Curiosity is about learning and being respectful of the other person.
In any organization, you can ask, “Do you think you can learn from other people here?”
If yes, great! What can you learn?
If no, help them move on!

Curiosity is a practice! It’s about self awareness.
Relationship Building is about reciprocity and respect.
And Clear Communication is always important.

Be aware of power balances.

The “Rubber Band Rule” says be flexible and know your personal boundaries (aka breaking points).

Look at these seven areas for respect:
        •  Procedure
        •  Punctuality
        •  Information
        •  Candor
        •  Consideration
        •  Acknowledgment
        •  Attention

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And look for free assessments on her website


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