Interview with Chris Miller

Chris Miller had what he calls the Harvard Complex, suit and tie job. And, like so many of us that pursue a path for the sake of stability and “supposed to” - we move beyond the ego-based, “look at me; I landed a big-boy job.” And once there, we must question, what’s it all for?

That’s where Chris and I connected on this podcast. I’ll likely do a blog about the idea of leaving your partner at home while you’re out on required business travel making the absurd claim, “I love you so much I’m not at home. I’m doing this all for you.”

Chris gave up his corporate job to become a writer, podcaster, and producer. During our time together, we connected around VALUES. Chris notes, “there has to be a well” to dip from, your values and beliefs are the key.

We diverted into talking about the loneliness crisis and referred to the definition of loneliness as the perceived feeling of lacking a needed social connection. That is, you could be in a room full of people and feel lonely. Or you could be by yourself and feel fully content. It’s about perception of the need.

Presence and attention were discussed as essential for building any relationship. And we then uncovered that “community” can be the connection with just one other person. Think about the relationships you have, how you co-construct conversations in them, and how doing so with real attention gives you the much needed community.

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