Interview with Eric Nehrlich

From physics to computer programming to paying attention to how money flows and how to maintain production and quality. That landed him a position at Google forecasting and handling economic and revenue questions.

For some that’s exciting and challenging. For others, boring as heck.

Eric pushed himself to be the best, to take on more and more. And his reward was to be given more, and more, and more. In the corporate world, it’s not unusual to be punished for doing a good job by being given more on top of the job you had.

And that leads to burnout.
If you keep your perspective, burnout leads to choices!

When working harder isn’t working, you have to wonder how you’re the problem.
Challenge the rules
Overcome blocks (through awareness of them)

That’s push against what isn’t working and pull toward what you really want.

It really doesn’t have to be the way it is. There’s better.
The website is about seeing the forest from the trees:
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Look for his book, You Have A Choice - beyond hard work to meaningful impact


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