Interview with Aaron Trahan

A performance coach coming from the corporate sector who, after reflecting on what he wished he had been taught, Aaron Trahan set out on his path as a coach. He now helps others in leadership roles.


He notes that complacency must be met head on. Current success could block your future success if you allow yourself to get too comfortable.


While it’s easy to get comfortable, he also knows that no one says that they don’t want to get better results. 


The remedy: Get a bit uncomfortable. That discomfort is you stepping out of your comfort zone. 


The biggest thing that stops people - they think they have to be ready or that they have to do things perfectly. Forget perfect. Start. Take imperfect.


Aaron’s five-level methodology demands strength at each level:

  1. Mindset - you need to believe that more is actually possible for you
  2. Awareness - 
  3. Clarity - 
  4. Vision, Milestones, Goals 
  5. Accountability


Take action.


Test your “why.” 

Filter what is IN and what is a distraction. 


Focus and Attention correlates with Speed and Progress

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