Interview with Emily Sander

From the c-suite to executive leadership coach and author, Emily Sander was a pleasure to have join me on One Sharp Sword. 


Superman is Emily’s favorite Superhero. As with Clark Kent, Emily is adopted. She also uses - and encourages others to use - the superpowers for good and to never give up. 


She enjoyed business and leadership and especially loves 1:1 interactions where small points of leverage make a huge difference. 


Emily notes that the #1 skill someone can have is communication. And, with that skill comes the adaptability about both listening and conveying information to the person or people in front of you, each of whom likely have a different style from you. Huge leadership tidbit, here!


She notes that many execs (I’d say almost all) hit a point of questioning what it’s all for. 

We discussed the existential dilemma which brought us down a great rabbit hole worth exploring!


Skill for self: Be deliberate and avoid distractions. 


Emily provides us with food for thought noting that we need to question whether in putting things off for someday or “one day,” is it one day or day one? Again, be deliberate!


Books - 

  • Hacking Executive Leadership
  • An Insider’s Perspective on the Chief of Staff
  • Private Equity Investments 


Find Emily Sander on LinkedIn and be sure to check out her books and her coaching offerings at www.NextLevel.Coach


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