Interview with Alain Hunkins

GREAT conversation with Alain today. From the culture he grew up with to how he guides leaders today, you’ll get a lot out of listening.


His three Cs are key to leadership, whether at home or in your organization:

  • Connection
  • Communication
  • Collaboration

And he spoke of Consistency, which I’d call a 4th C in his model.


Alain’s book Cracking the Leadership Code is worth picking up! 


We connect as human beings. Our world demands people who can think and co-create within an organization.


Leaders must find a way to convey that each employee feels valued and cared for. That’s how you get real connection.


Communication is about creating shared, mutual understanding. If you assume that the default is that what is being communicated will be misunderstood, what will you need to do to ensure true understanding?


Collaboration means creating the culture together by asking the question of what gets the BEST out of people.


In the interview, we discussed the graying of the workforce, mentorship, and remote work. Super interesting! 


Consistency counts and so does actively seeking feedback (so that you can get better).


Think about this, too. It’s called the Fundamental Attribution Error: We justify our actions based on our intentions. Others judge us based on the outcomes and results. 


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