Interview with Roy Osing

What’s the ONLY thing you need to know about my guest this episode? Roy Osing is the ONLY author, entrepreneur, and executive leader who delivers practical and proven “audacious and unheard-of ways” to produce high-performing businesses and successful careers.


His focus is on helping build what he calls The ONLY Statement, identifying what makes each individual or business stand out above everyone else. The key here is that if you claim to be The Only one doing something, you’ve basically owned that field. 


His brand (website, book, etc.) is focuses on differentiation. Roy notes that you have to learn to satisfy clothes in a way that matters to them. Figure out what you need to do “in a superlative way.”


In terms of the norm, common, average, or herd-mentality way, you can either comply with or confront that flow. Roy and I agree that it’s exceptionally important for business leaders and, truly any of us as individuals, to find that natural expression of self. 


While he doesn’t call it this, what his approach gets back to is First Principles: that is, if we look at the current situation and started over with our thinking, not knowing what we know about what society expects of us, how would we approach this for the best possible outcome? How can we do this (whatever “this” is) differently?


I created a bridge in our discussion, noting that this question lands as exceptionally important both in business and in your personal relationships, as well. This is what Roy calls the “Be Different lens.” 


As you look at being different, it’s important to recognize you can niche way down and still have a great business. Roy invites you, the listener, to decide who you’re going to serve (aka, the Target Market). And again, building a bridge from the business world to your home life, that could be a family member (partner, parent, child, etc.). 


Then determine what they CRAVE, not what they need. You can, of course take care of the basic needs. And once done, “you’ve earned the right to dazzle.”


THE ONLY Statement and Strategic Game Planning Process is done relatively quickly. 

  • How big do you want to be in 24-months (24 thirty-day periods)?
  • Where do you make your money? That is, who will you serve and what do they crave?
    • Remember, you need to stop thinking about the product or service you offer and focus on what your market needs and craves.
  • Create The Only statement to compete and win in your customer groups.


Find Roy at and at [email protected]


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