Interview with Marco Torres

Marco Torres grew up in the Caribbean as his father ran GE Credit Corp from Puerto Rico. He learned about adventure and entrepreneurship. At 12 y/o he was featured in the news for having the largest paper route in the area. 11 years later, with his brother and mother, he opened a series of restaurants. And a couple years after that opened a nightclub. His realization: he wanted to employ others more than be employed by others.

While formal schooling was never his thing, as an entrepreneur, continuous learning is a necessity! He notes, “be a student first!”

So what makes Marco different and what is this Marketing Boost thing? At the risk of part of this episode sounding like a fascinating infomercial, Marco’s business is helping people add value to their offers.

His company essentially offers travel perks that others (like you and I) can subscribe to in order to give ourselves, our family members, our clients, and our prospects the gift of free hotel stays (or restaurant outings). Imagine this, “When you buy my xyz, you’ll also get three nights’ accommodation (less travel and taxes) at this ____ amazing hotel.”

There’s something to that and it got me thinking. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I enjoyed talking with Marco Torres.

To learn more about him, go to for a link to a free (limited) trial of his services.

(I’m not affiliated with Marco Torres or his Marketing Boost program in any way, so I receive no compensation or any other perks. I only recommend him because the program sounds interesting. No, I haven’t tried it yet myself. I will, and at the time of this writing, I haven’t.)

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