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Sometimes people have trouble feeling heard or knowing that others understand them. Maybe you’re finding that you’re not getting the responses you wanted. Communication is a thread that runs through all of this work. Just think about what it would mean to communicate powerfully, yet compassionately, and to know you’ve been heard and understood.

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About Dr. Wayne Pernell

Dr. Wayne Pernell is a highly sought speaker, #1 International Best-Selling Author, blogger, podcast host, and Mindstate Coach bringing more than thirty-five years of experience in lifting others to set new strategic targets and attain exceptional success. He is known for being insightful and engaging. Dr. Pernell is a member of the Forbes Business Council and has regularly been on Fox, NBC, ABC, and CBS television, various radio programs, and podcasts around the country also having contributed to Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and the NY Times, among others.

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