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High Performance And The Bottom Line

wednesdays with wayne Jul 15, 2020

Celebrating Wednesdays With Wayne BLOG POST NUMBER 200. Every single week for 200 posts! Thank you for being with me on this journey!  Today we’re exploring how to boost your bottom line through High Performance (what I call DynamicLeader®) tactics and strategies.  


Boosting your bottom line through high performance strategies and tactics in whatever role you're playing means you’re becoming the DynamicLeader®.  Yep, my clients take on the world a little differently than most. The first thing they do is to identify, then align everything with their values.

People forget that we're not the same person we were. When you pause to think about it, you wouldn’t want to be the same person you were 20 years ago. In fact, you would probably cringe at thinking you could even be the same person now. Obviously, you're not. Your values have changed. The way you live your life has changed.

If your new values don't come through in the way you...

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What True Transformation Looks Like

wednesdays with wayne Jul 08, 2020

Let’s look at what true transformation looks like. I promise, I’ll only use the “butterfly” analogy once and it’ll be quick!  

Transformation… trans-formation. What does that even mean? More important, what does it mean to you? 


Transform has its roots in Latin and French and trans literally means across or beyond and form is the shape of something or the way it looks or appears. When you transform, you end up being different. 

What's interesting to me is that when I've worked with organizations, teams, individuals, there's almost an allergic reaction to the word change. They’ll say, “Oh, I know we need to change.” And then they hold their breath. They know that doing the same thing over and over, they're going to get the same results. They know that, you know, they need to do something different, “but does it have to be change?” And so it makes me laugh a little bit as a consultant, as a...

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Permission To Transform - Happy Mid-Year!

wednesdays with wayne Jul 01, 2020

We have the opportunity to take on a powerful perspective about this year. This is mid-year. Treat it like New Year’s Day and take inventory of where you’ve been and how you’ve been. No, don’t just think about the struggle, but really reflect on how you’ve responded to that struggle!

And now, recognize that it's time for you to look ahead. 

You'd need to look back and you need to look ahead and what I want to focus here is with a wave of my wand (see it?) you have permission to transform!

2020 wasn’t out to get you.  We have this sense that it's persona. “Oh, just when I had such and such lined up and all of a sudden, you know, this pandemic happened.”  Guess what! You're not the only one. That's the definition of pan for pandemic. it's global. That means we're all affected by this elusive virus. So it wasn't done to you. 

And if you make it personal, then just know that kind of thinking sets you back. 


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Three Resources You're Managing Badly (and what to do about it)

wednesdays with wayne Jun 24, 2020

The first two quarters of the calendar year are now behind us and we need to be talking about three resources that you’re managing badly. My readers are leaders, so whether you’re running a business, keeping your family together, or stepping up as an employee, the potential that you are managing these three things badly is huge. 

THE NUMBER ONE RESOURCE that most people mismanage is what? 


It's time. 


Most people blow it managing their time. “Oh, I don't have time for this. Oh, if only I knew better time management….”   

Here's a secret about time management: there's no such thing. 

We are all given 24 hours in our day today, the sun comes up, the clock spins and we have 24 hours. It is up to us how we spend it, what we put into it. And so there's no such thing as time management. What we need to look at is project management.

I didn’t accidentally grow a business while holding a full-time job,...

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Crisis of Purpose

wednesdays with wayne Jun 17, 2020

Almost everyone I've spoken with in this past week is having some sort of crisis of purpose. This is a leadership issue. This is a personal, individual issue.

What am I doing? Why am I here? Does any of it really matter in the big scheme of things?

These are great questions. We know that there are things we're supposed to be doing. We are in a huge a cultural upheaval and we've felt the effects of what's called quarantine fatigue. All of this is important. All of this is necessary, and all of this leads us to a place of questioning what’s next and what the end result will be.

For some, the question is about why we can't just get on with it. That’s shorthand code for wanting this all to just be over. The good news is that, in my lifetime, I’ve seen starts and stops of cultural redefinition multiple times and this is the first time I’ve ever felt like we’re headed somewhere positive. It feels like work. Taking a personal stance on this, ask yourself...

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Leadership, Powerful Presence™, and Profit

wednesdays with wayne Jun 10, 2020

It’s time to refocus.  Yes, ALL of the issues going on globally are exceptionally important to me.  And I’m certain they’ve affected you.  And you need to be at your best to tackle them while rebuilding.  So, today’s Wednesdays With Wayne focuses on leadership, powerful presence™, and profit.   

What does that mean to you? When you think about leadership, do you think Powerful Presence™?  When you think Powerful Presence™, do you link that to your profitability?


Quick inventory – rate yourself on a scale of 1-10 on these:

  • I know how to lead
  • I’m clear about the difference between leadership and management and when each is needed, whether I’m at work, at home, or in the community.  (Yes, this is a multi-part question, yet give yourself one ranking.)  
  • I own my space wherever I go and feel great about my presence.  It is, in fact, a Powerful Presence™.
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Licking Wounds and Moving Ahead

wednesdays with wayne Jun 03, 2020

Today we talk about licking our wounds and looking ahead. The past couple of months they've been, well, I don't have to tell you what they've been. They've been amazing. Can you look at them that way? Think about it. We’ve come through some very trying times obviously, and this allowed us the redefinition of our roles, who we are in the world, who we are to each other, who we are at work, at home, and in the community, and it's given us the opportunity to decide what we actually appreciate. 

That is something special because had we continued as we were, we would have gone down the path that we were on.

Maybe, that would have been great. It was safe and predictable.  But you know what? 100% of my one-to-one high performers, my DynamicLeader® clients all report that they are really glad this happened. Isn’t this a great quote: “I am finding out that I want to be doing something different with my life.” 

The big pause that we all took caused...

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Fog Lights

wednesdays with wayne May 27, 2020

Have you ever been in a really bad fog bank?  It’s kind of surreal and a little scary.  

When it’s dark and foggy, uncertainty is amplified.

In the dark, we search for any hint of light.  Any small glimmer becomes a beacon for us.  If we have lights casting outward, we seek the edges of where the light casts.

When in the dark, we hit the high beams.  This gives us greater clarity.  We can see further.

When in the fog, we use the lower beams, and if we have them, we click on fog lights that illuminate the ground before us.  

High beams, like shouts of protest in the face of uncertainty, simply reflect back off of the fog and blind us further.  Regular beams, keeping steady, will get us through, but the fog lights illuminating the ground give us reassurance.

There is a ground.

We don’t have full clarity about the road ahead, but we know we’re not free falling.  There is a ground.  (In the martial art...

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Tomorrow’s Relief

wednesdays with wayne May 20, 2020

If you look back at what you’ve come through these past couple of months, it’s no wonder you’re exhausted.  We’re worn out by information that keeps changing, how even small comments are made political, and then there’s fear.  As a global culture, we’re done being misinformed and afraid.  

The truth is that it’s hard seeing businesses that we care about step away and fold while toilet paper is still ridiculously difficult to find.  This is a really odd time in our history and one big thing will get us through:  perspective.

When it’s a foggy day, we know that the fog will lift and that the sun is just beyond the cloud layer.  We have a perspective that we’ll get through.  

The difference between a foggy day and what we’re experiencing is a psychological concept related to perception: Object Constancy.  

It’s why magic is so fascinating.  If you put something...

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TV Tech Talk

wednesdays with wayne May 13, 2020

People ask me what I talk about when I do TV and radio.  This week, I’ve been on eight different radio stations across the country and I’ve been interviewed on three TV stations (CBS, Fox, and NBC) and the week isn’t over yet!  

My team and I connected with the media to talk about what’s topical.  It’s similar to this Wednesdays With Wayne for you!  I tend to relate what’s going on for me or for my clients.  Let’s look at what’s going on for all of us as we’ve been working from home.

Tech Fatigue is a thing!  We’re exponentially online now more than ever.  Just two months ago we told our family members to put the tech away and connect with someone.  Now we’re pulling out the tech in order to connect.  And multiple factors cause tech fatigue.

First, we’re online exponentially more.  One executive I spoke with recently told me that his days have become...

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