Leveraging Your Past

wednesdays with wayne Sep 23, 2020

How amazing is it to recognize how resilient you are!!! 


Look at how much you’ve gone through and gotten through in these past six months. We’ve all been giving great opportunities to live into a different way of life.  Certainly, it’s not without stress. It’s pressure that shows us who we can be.


You are resilient.


You have courage.


And there’s a bunch of “stuff” from your past that it’s time to unpack and let go of. If you look at how you’ve reacted or responded this year, you’ll notice that some things just got handled. Other things seemed like a struggle.


Old rules that were imposed from your youth seemed to have surfaced. “You can’t do that. What will other people think?” Anything echoing in your head that sounds like judgment is someone else’s voice. You need to assess whether it still serves you.


Leverage, don't live there. It was...

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Stop Chasing Your Dreams (Yup!)

wednesdays with wayne Sep 16, 2020

I’ve seen so many people hope and strive.

I’m allergic to those words. 

Hope is so important to have, and it doesn’t do much for you after the initial experience of it. 

Striving is like trying. I never want a surgeon to strive to do her best. I want to be assured that she’ll do her best. I don’t want my accountant to strive to do his best. I don’t want my friends to try to meet me at a certain time and location. Do it or be clear that you won’t.  


The same concept goes for chasing your dreams. 

Don’t get me wrong. I have BIG GOALS and ASPIRATIONS for myself. I spent a lot of time (and money) trying to get the right answer, put the next thing in place, planning, and looking frantically at where I needed to be. 


What I missed then, that – if you’re seeing me on social media these days – you’ll notice that I’m not chasing my dreams. I’m living them. I’m...

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The Power of Being Unreasonable

wednesdays with wayne Sep 09, 2020

A couple of weeks ago, I took the center stage on an Amazon Prime TV series called SpeakUp! I’m in season two. It’s pretty exciting. It’s like a TED talk; made for TV. It’ll air next month. And, you’ll get a preview about my talk here!


The Power of Being Unreasonable focuses on the stories we’ve been told and what we’ve accepted from “influencers” or those in authority along the way. The voices in our heads, those not ours that stay with us, need to be challenged.


Along my personal journey, I was told everything from “you’re just not living into your potential” to “you’re just not good enough.” I had a teacher in high school laugh at me telling me that I’d never earn a PhD, that it was ridiculous, that I was ridiculous for thinking I could or I would.


But I did. Deep inside, I knew there was more. So I went on.


It’s important to look at where you’ve...

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Why Leadership Sucks

wednesdays with wayne Sep 02, 2020

Is it lonely at the top? It can be, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s a long-endured myth. 


No, leaders aren’t necessarily friends with their team members or line staff. They can be friendly without being friends. That doesn’t mean that they should isolate. Specifically, if you’re finding yourself lonely, alone, and frustrated, you’re doing it wrong.


Surrounding yourself with people who are also pushing to serve greatly acts to inspire and propel. When you seek coaching to get an outside perspective on your personal and professional processes (yes, both), you begin to excel past where you’ve been.


The language choices here are deliberate.


  • Push.
  • Serve Greatly.
  • Excel.


The reason that leaders get burned out is that… they don’t actually lead.


That’s a surprising truth you may not have wanted to admit. You’re busy trying to run your organization, division, unit, section,...

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The Art of Significance Over Influence

wednesday's with wayne Aug 26, 2020

In my #1 Best Selling Book, The Significance Factor, the reader gets to journey through an assessment of personal values, the way one leads, and what makes for success. 


The assessment of personal success is often a moving target.

What you thought would make you a success 20 years ago seems like such a meager objective now. We, therefore, need to look to our future. 


Think about a time that you wanted to be noticed for the work you did, the thoughts you had, or the thing you created. Getting a virtual parade and “likes” is great! It feels good. And, it’s a way to measure how far your message is moving. The thing is, for some, the “likes” become the objective. Influencers often seek likes as a measure of success.


For me, success can be measured not by what you’ve gained, but by what you’ve given. Not by how many likes you’ve gotten, but by how many lives you’ve lifted.


My aim is to move from...

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The Fear of Failure?

wednesday's with wayne Aug 19, 2020

Procrastination is your barometer of commitment.

The truth is that you have completed the things you truly believe in. 


There are things we don’t like to do. Those are tasks and the outcomes are more essential than the distaste of doing the things we don’t like. I don’t like getting into the muck and yuck of waste pipes, but you know what… if the outcome is that I have to run a snake/auger down an outside trap to open a line, that’s better than having yucky stuff bubble up through the plumbing. (Yucky stuff is the technical term, by the way.)


That example is to say that I’m more committed to the outcome than I am thwarted by the process.  And yet, there are things we don’t do. We tell ourselves that they’re too hard. We tell ourselves we’re scared of what might happen.


I’ve worked with some amazingly talented people over the past three and a half decades: some organizational leaders, some...

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Dang, That Baby is Ugly!

wednesday's with wayne Aug 12, 2020

The Language Of Leadership is direct and uplifting. 

Organization development starts at the top.


“Well, that’s one ugly baby!”  

You would never say that. You may or may not think it, depending on your relationship to the baby or its parents. And again, you certainly wouldn’t blurt that out.


So what happens that personally affrontive language is leaked out across our organizations? In the three and a half decades that I’ve worked with leaders across countless organizations, I have heard thoughtless remarks too numerous to count:

“Are you stupid?”

“This report is the worst I’ve seen!”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Why can’t you just do your *&%$#!* job?”

“What ARE you wearing?”

“What WERE you thinking??”


Worse than hearing this in the workplace, people say this kind of stuff to their kids.


Reading this here, you may be...

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Goals and Deliberate Transition

wednesday's with wayne Aug 05, 2020

So you’re sick of being shut in and you’re fed up with the rules that we’re having to abide by. You’re an introvert and still feel like you miss people? You’re an extrovert and want to Velcro yourself to someone, anyone, at the grocery store?


Can you imagine what would happen if, tomorrow for example, it was announced that we were all okay to get back out there? Go on, get back to your “normal” lives!  

There’d be pandemonium.


Most people have actually found things they like about their new schedule. We’ve been practicing this for four+ months now. Personally, I appreciate that I can be called to do a television segment and don’t have to get on an airplane to do it. My commute is 30 seconds to my home studio. (Google my name and at the top of the page, hit the “News” tab to see what’s up.)  I also like exercising at home more than I thought I would. Weird stuff; and there are...

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The Cost of Serving Everyone

wednesdays with wayne Jul 29, 2020

Your Wednesdays With Wayne now regularly ties to the One Sharp Sword podcast! Click the link to get there and listen in!


Let’s focus on the true cost of serving everyone. I think, you know where we're headed with this. And so this is kind of fun because it's a chance just to lock in your thinking around it. 


What does it mean when you try to be everything to everybody? You know, there's so many businesses out there that fail, and there are so many individuals that fail because they're trying to be everything to everybody. The people that I work with have had experience like that, where they've tried to serve pretty much everyone. Luckily, most of the people that I work with get through it and recognize that living that way is a killer! It'll kill you individually and it'll kill you as a business. When you try to anticipate the needs of absolutely everyone, you end up losing yourself in the process.


The thinking drowns you: What if they don't like...

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Locking in Lasting Leadership Changes

wednesdays with wayne Jul 22, 2020

Some people like to listen in addition to reading! If you’d like to hear more about this subject and other topics, be sure to check my podcast, One Sharp Sword – Cutting Through To What Matters Most!

And now, this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne

You know those leadership development changes that you have been making over the past several months? Okay, some are larger than others, yet you have grown and evolved. You’ve done the “pivot” thing. Here’s how to lock them in, even during these odd times. 

You are  a leader at home where people are looking at you, in your workplace, where people are looking at you, or in the community where people are looking at you. You are a leader, no matter what role you're in. My hope is that you've been taking care of yourself and those around you, your family, your team, because you have a solid vision and your vision is based on your values. 


My hope is that you’ve discovered...

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