Wayne-isms Part TWO – It’s Not About You

wednesdays with wayne Jun 12, 2024

We get so fired up when someone threatens our identity.

Think about the last time you felt offended or outright angry about something.


Something inside of you felt like it was being taken from you. A piece of you worth fighting for. 


By the way, your sports team sucks. 


Whatttt? That’s MY team you’re talking about. 


We want to belong. We want to fight for our group, our beliefs, our unified force. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Just remember, it’s not personal.


If I say that your sports team sucks, that’s a comment about me. 

You don’t have to prove me wrong, because it’s not about you. And pretty much never, ever, in the course of human history has anyone come to an argument or debate ready to be swayed in their beliefs. So, we shout louder, believing that some injustice is being done to us, personally.


     It’s not about you!


Really, it’s...

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Wayne-isms Part ONE - Stay in Curiosity and You Cannot Live in Judgment

wednesdays with wayne Jun 05, 2024

I recently had the pleasure of speaking at The Wizard Academy in Austin, TX. 

Yes, it’s a real place, a non-profit for business-people looking to open to new ways of thinking about their business and their life. I’m not here to plug ‘em; I wanted to share some fun I had.


I was one of the kick-off speakers for a two-day conference. And, at the end of the two days, the questions of “what did you like best?” came around. Attendees took the mic and shared various “nuggets” that they took away from the instructional time. 


I felt so honored by hearing people repeat back MY words. Simple things I’ve been saying over the years. And these amazing people, some of whom you might know of because, well, they’re out there, shared back my truth.


So, I thought I’d offer them here. In bite-sized nibbles. This month, you’ll get a little something to think about, one sentence at a time.



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Keeping The Dream Alive

wednesdays with wayne May 29, 2024

Look at you go!

And go.

     And go.

          And go.


Where are you going? Just checking!


When I ask people how they’re doing, I’m genuinely curious. And when they respond, “livin’ the dream,” I’m sad for them. Really. That phrase means that they’ve gotten caught themselves on a hamster wheel and see no way out. It’s a phrase of concession, of giving up.


How’re you doing?

Oh, I’m just living the dream here.


Doesn’t reading that make you feel like the air in your tires was let out just a little? 


Our job – yours and mine as powerful humans – is to become the beacon that reminds people who they are and who they can be. It’s a job of rehumanizing and it’s humanity focused. 


That requires you to be super clear about your dream, your goals, your wishes for yourself. And at...

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Handling β€œBad” News

wednesdays with wayne May 22, 2024

An emotional gut check can leave you feeling like you want to react in all kinds of ways. I just received some disappointing news and I felt angry, frustrated, unheard, dismissed, and then NEUTRAL.


How can bad news be met with a neutral response?


Because “news” isn’t good or bad. Okay, the stuff on TV is mostly drivel and you’re tuning in to things that are aimed to fire you up and/or confirm your biases. Beyond the media’s biased slant on events in the world, anything you see or hear is simply information. 




This might be unpopular thinking. So try it on for a moment – 


A major deal fell through? That’s neutral information. It’s disappointing for a moment, and then, it’s information you can use to make your next move.


A medical diagnosis? It’s neutral information. It’s alarming at first. And then, you use that information to make your next move. 


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Leveraging Agility

wednesdays with wayne May 15, 2024

A whirlwind swept through my world. As I continue to say yes to opportunities placed in front of me, the direction shifts just a bit. The North Star – the guiding light for leaning into or letting go of the opportunities is my vivid vision. Does this get me closer to or further from my big goals and dreams?


As it turns out, one of the opportunities has forced me to live big time into the lessons I teach. This is big: 




But… but… I like who I am! 

That’s cool, I’m using who I have become as a lever to my next iteration. As my friends have begun to look toward retirement, I’ve revamped my business to have an even greater impact in the world. It’s all go. And it’s all NOW.


I was debating giving up the Wednesdays With Wayne blog for a while. Did you know that THIS...

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Perspective on Inconvenience

wednesdays with wayne May 08, 2024

Last week I shared that I went on a cruise through the Panama Canal. When you’re on a cruise, you come into port and have made choices about excursions. While in Punt Arenas, Costa Rica, we were on an excursion that included a boat tour for looking at local wildlife and a bus ride out to the Macaw Sanctuary. 


The part of the trip that took us by bus to the Macaw Sanctuary deviated from the plan as our bus came to a stand-still in heavy traffic on a two lane road in the middle of nowhere. I mean, it was Costa Rica; there just wasn’t a lot around us. 


Picture this: My wife and I were probably the youngest on the bus. There were 28 other people who had pushed into their late 60s, many in their 70s, and a few in their 80s. We’re on a bus. We’re at a standstill in traffic. We’re not getting closer to seeing the Macaw Sanctuary. 30 minutes pass. 


We’re told that there was an accident and that it should be cleared...

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Small, Not Insignificant

wednesdays with wayne May 01, 2024

I cruised through the Panama Canal a couple of months ago. It’s a remarkable feat of engineering, saving almost a week of travel by lifting boats through locks into manmade lakes and onto locks. We traveled from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean. We traveled under the Bridge of The Americas, connecting north and south American land masses. A bridge! Connecting north and south American land masses. 


That was all cool.

Getting great meals that accommodated dietary needs was amazing.

Most special was being at sea. I’ve always had an affinity for the ocean. I haven’t felt comfortable learning to scuba dive, nor am I a great swimmer. And still, the ocean seems to talk to me. And I hear it, deep inside of me.


Sea days on a cruise are those that you’re, well, at sea. There’s no port. Nor is there any land for as far as the eye can see. To me, that’s why we cruise. We could’ve flown from port to port more efficiently. The...

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Where I Start

wednesdays with wayne Apr 24, 2024

It’s odd. Themes come in waves for me and blog posts come from my noticing. Recently, I’ve been asked A LOT about how I work with my clients. “When you work with an individual client, a corporate client, or a group, where do you start? And are they all the same?”


It’s a GREAT question because the answer just might serve you as you dream bigger and climb to your next great next.


My logo for Exponential Success has a torch with three Vs in it. There are also three mountains in the background which, when inverted, make three Vs. And that’s where I start when I work with anyone, individual or corporate, who wants to leap to Exponential Success.


Values: Identify them for yourself. Look at what they were, what they are, and most important, what they need to become for you to grow into the person who owns your Exponential Success.


Vision: Take your values and build a vivid picture of what you want. What you really, really,...

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Seriously, Stop Saying No

wednesdays with wayne Apr 17, 2024

This is going to be unpopular.

There’s such a big wave of, “you’ve got to take care of yourself and the only way to do that is to say No.” 


While “no” is a complete sentence, the skill needed to take care of yourself isn’t about using that word. It’s about discernment.


We’ve seen the pendulum swing too far back to “say No to everything.” 


One of my sayings is that you can’t give what you don’t have. So if you’re running on fumes, you have nothing left to give anyone else. That doesn’t mean you say no to everything. It means you focus on what’s going to get you closer to what you want.


THIS PART IS REALLY IMPORTANT AND MOST PEOPLE MISS IT – You get more of what you focus on! 

It’s that simple. Feeling overwhelmed by your calendar? Stare at your calendar and see how that makes you feel. 

(Hint: it makes you feel more overwhelmed.)

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Having It All

wednesdays with wayne Apr 10, 2024

What would it mean to have everything you wanted? 

Think about that for a second. Most people wish for things but never let themselves truly desire. “Oh, it’d be nice to have a ____.” Fill in the blank. A what? Or a who? Or a where?

What would happen if we leaned into the desires we had? 

And what holds us back from doing so?

Those are two very big questions.

Let’s start with what holds us back. 

What holds us back from pursuing or even entertaining our true desires? It’s simple, early training, guilt, and shame. We’re taught to “be realistic,” and we’re told that we “don’t really need that,” whatever that is. We’re told not to be greedy. And we’re told to save because spending on frivolous things is, well, frivolous. 

And whatever your desire is, it might be frivolous to someone else. And it’s YOUR desire. Like the clothes in your closet are YOUR clothes, someone else...

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