Look Outside, It’s Who???

wednesdays with wayne Apr 19, 2023

Look up and away from whatever you’re reading this on. 

See what’s out there? 


Outside of you are forces that attempt to impact you. 

There are people, noises, weather conditions, smells, and so much more.


Notice that I said that they attempt to impact (or influence) you? 

You’ve got voices of authority clamoring to be heard. And everything else. It’s all sensory noise.


None of it – NONE OF IT – needs to affect your plans for becoming your next amazing iteration of yourself, as leader or friend or partner or explorer or philanthropist or whatever role you put yourself in. Nothing outside of yourself needs to affect your trajectory unless you deliberately call it in to support you in your quest.


And the quest could be simply to have a quieter future. That’s cool, too. Nothing outside of you needs to affect your path unless you deliberately call it in to support you on your path.


Some key points to highlight here:

The screamers out there – whether in your head, at home, at work, or on the electronic box – they’re screaming to get your attention and to take control. It’s your choice to let them. It’s your choice NOT to let them. 


  • Screaming is about control. 
  • Outside of you is outside of you.
  • Be deliberate about what you let in. 
  • Be deliberate about what support you want.
  • This presupposes that you are deliberate about your future, your plans and your goals. Not “yeah, someday” wishes, but true goals.


Spend some time with yourself.

Look inward and reflect on your wants, desires, and what you’d truly treasure in your life.


Then, spend some time with your journal and a calendar.


Make it yours!

Keep making your magic.


= Wayne = 

 ~ Dr P ~ 


You’ve been reading my stuff long enough that you know how I think and why, when I work with clients 1:1 or in a group, they always tell me that it truly is “life changing.” Change scares a lot of people. In fact, it scares most people, until they learn to lean into it because that’s what life is. A series of constant changes. You’re not who you were five years ago. Have you thought about being deliberate about who you will be five years from now? 

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