Renewal or Retreat?

wednesdays with wayne Apr 26, 2023

Change is in the air! Isn’t it great to see the new life that bursts through in the Springtime?! Trees have buds and flowers. Bees are back out. Birds are busy. And in town, things seem to be a little more bustling, too. 


There’s a different sense about the world, as well, right? 

You can feel it.

You can sense it, smell it, and feel the change happening.


And for the most part, we all think that’s pretty glorious.

(Some of us who have the seasonal pollen battle are mixed about how “glorious” this time of year is.) What’s true is that this time of year, the same way Autumn brought us the changing leaves and yielded to winter that gave us rain and snow (in most of North America, anyway), and that’s now offering up to us the Springtime changes we’re seeing all around us. 


What’s ironic is that as much as we look forward to the natural changes that we see outside of ourselves, we seldom look to the natural changes that happen within. And just as we plant various crops and flowers to coincide with the natural rhythm, we can also plant our own seeds for our future, as well. 


The problem is that if we talk about personal change, most people get scared. 

I wrote Dynamic Transitions to address the question of “who am I if I’m not a _________?” 


That is: 

When you give up who you are, how do you address who you’re becoming?


It truly is better to do that deliberately, actively, and positively. The “Same S**t, Different Day” mentality will have you “workin’ for the weekend” and racing through life for some finish line that’s still “out there” somewhere. Change is your right. It’s your nature. And it’s yours to guide. 


Trees in the forest don’t get to decide who they’re becoming.

And while we might not get to control how tall we’ll grow, we do get to choose what other trees to plant around us, what fertilizer to use, and how much sunlight we let in. WE CHOOSE.


Which means that deliberate change, as scary as that might be, is in fact a choice.


Cool, right? 

We’re afraid of letting go of what was to become something new. And logically, you look back and know you’re not the same person now as you were five, ten, or twenty years ago. 


You’ve seen people who retreat into what they know.

They know what they know and they’re going to defend it because that’s all they know.


You’ve seen others who deliberately step into learning something new every day. You’re here because you want that kind of stretch this week.


And this is all to say that it’s important to choose to grow.

You don’t have to retreat. You don’t have to hunker down, afraid to grow, staying stuck in knowing what you know.

You GET TO CHOOSE renewal. Re-New-al. The state of making new again. 

Renewal is change. And that makes change less scary. You’re renewing your view of the future. And you’re recognizing that YOU are the one to guide yourself to the outcome that YOU desire.


Springtime is upon us.

It’s a chance to renew deliberately. Make new again consciously. 


Who are you choosing to become? 


Keep making your magic and I’ll see you here next week. 

But before you go, there may be a last-minute seat available for this week, or you might want in on October’s event. You see, you’ve been reading my stuff enough to know that when I work with VIP clients, they always tell me that what they’ve experienced is “life changing.” 

As you’ve just read, change scares a lot of people. It no longer scares you. Might I support you in your next great Dynamic Transition? Have you thought about being deliberate about who you will be three years from now? Check out and let me know if you want to be invited. It’s space-limited for a reason. For this next one, only a few seats remain. Want in? Reach out!


= Wayne = 

 ~ Dr P ~


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