Separating Crisis from Drama

wednesdays with wayne Apr 05, 2023

Put one hand in the air.

Raise the other arm and put that hand in the air too.

Sway side to side.

Now scream, Aaaaarrrrgghhhhhhhh


If there’s a fire in the building, that won’t get you too far. But it could start a new dance craze!


I used to have a sign at my desk (when I work in the Corporate world) that said, “Failure to plan on your part does not constitute a crisis on mine.” That was my way of controlling the last minute deadline-driven dramatic cries for either attention or help. I wouldn’t put a sign up like that now. It’s kind of mean and honestly, I ended up helping people who had gotten themselves into jams. 


I think the distinction between crisis and drama is important. Occasionally events arise that are beyond our control. Occasionally those things require immediate, decisive action. Those times are rare though. 


If they’re not, then you’re likely creating drama and calling it a crisis. That is, unless you’re a first-responder or work in a trauma unit or ER, then that’s your job. Oh, and you chose that job, so you’re probably pretty good at handling each situation as it arises. 


We all know people who live from crisis to crisis. It seems to give them an identity. They play the role of the victim or the martyr or maybe the hero. Perhaps they play all three in some drawn out episode. 


The thing is, there’s no need for any of that.


Something that’s chronic isn’t a crisis.

And if it’s predictable, you don’t need any drama. 


Family situation gone bad? Is it predictable? Choose the no-drama route. 

Work blow-up? Fixable? No drama. 


When I was in Jamaica, I asked a waiter why everyone kept saying “No pro-blem.” Here in the U.S., we use that phrase inappropriately in place of “You’re welcome.” Someone brings you something, you say “thank you,” and they say, “no problem.” This is a pet peeve for another blog post. Back to Jamaica for a second. 


The response to my question was simple and elegant: “There is no pro-blem. You fix da ting, den no pro-blem.”  The gentleman’s voice rings pleasantly in my ears a decade later. It’s so true. There’s not a problem. There’s a situation or a thing. Fix that thing and there’s no problem.


No drama.

No crisis.



You don’t need drama in your life.

And you certainly don’t need to live from crisis to crisis because that is, in fact, drama.  


So what do you need?


Do you believe in your ability to figure things out?

No? Get help.

Yes? Great.


So where to from here? To your next big next. By planning, by looking ahead, by not wasting energy on things that don’t matter, by learning new skills, and by serving others.


Perspective, not crisis or drama.


Keep making your magic.


= Wayne = 

 ~ Dr P ~ 


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