The Intolerable Threat (not political)

wednesdays with wayne Mar 13, 2024

The reason that there’s no such thing as “an overnight success” is because it’s a process. A journey. And there’s something pretty special that happens on that journey.


The problem is, most people can’t handle it.

And that is why, my friends, more people aren’t even more successful. 


There lurks a threat, popping up multiple times along the path toward new levels of success. Organizations experience growing pains around it. Individuals stop and retreat to the most unhealthy relationships (with people, food, drink, etc.) because of it.


What is the most intolerable threat that those on The Journey must encounter?




   Change Is An Intolerable Threat


How can that be so? Simply this – your subconscious has a current baseline for how you operate. You seek approval in certain areas, and you tolerate chaos in others. You have a safety range for finances: you won’t let things slide below a certain level and somehow, you can’t push up past a certain level (think “set points” on a thermostat).


Even if your life seems to be a shambles, that’s “safer” for your subconscious because there’s a pattern it knows how to run to get to some kind of order. Chaos to order and back again. It’s a repetitive cycle that seems all-too-familiar. 


How do you stop that ridiculous cycle? You have to show your subconscious some consistency to create a new setpoint for your life. 

And to do that, here’s the hard part for most people, you must give up who you are in order to become the person who has new levels of success.


Think about yourself at your place of uplevel. You’re in the world and feeling successful!  

Questions: How does that successful person think and act? 

What does that person put into their day?


This doesn’t mean that if you’re a kind person that you suddenly need to become an a**. No, it means that you need to stop tolerating the things in your life that you know are energetic sucks. That could be a person you’re around, something you ingest (food, drink, smoke, etc.), or something you feed your mind (social media drivel, mass media news, etc.). 


Next-level success is something that’s beyond where you are. If you’re conscious about it, you can get there. And it doesn’t even need to be hard (so give up that myth). Oh, there’s work, but not the kind you think.


In my own journey, I needed to stop participating in processes with people who needed to be right. I don’t mind being wrong. I learn from that. And, there are people you know (maybe the one in the mirror?) who need to “contribute” to a conversation in such a way as to be held out as “right.” They’ll fight just to have the other person give in. Or, they’ll inject their opinion with an air of authority, enough to make you question the path you said was so dear to you.


Yes, I’ve been there and yes, if I get stuck along the way, and I will, I don’t need someone telling me that I should go back. My subconscious is doing enough of that. And your subconscious operates the same way: from a place of the familiar and “safe.”


The action steps here: 

Think about some of the dreams you’ve had for yourself. What did you want to do? What did you want to explore and how did you hope to engage in the world? How did you envision your lifestyle?


And what’s in the way? Your subconscious sees change as an intolerable threat. That means, your desire to get through needs to outweigh the fear of giving up a piece of your former self.


You also need to be consistent to demonstrate to your subconscious that the new state you’re experiencing is “safe.” 


The good news is that you have perspective, sort of. You KNOW you’re not the same person you were 10 years ago. So you know you can change. Now it’s just convincing your subconscious that you’re serious about doing so.


Keep making your magic.


See you here next week. 

And if you’re interested in making an exponential leap and getting some help along the way, reach out to me. I’ve been guiding great people just like you for the past four decades. Join me in Lisbon, Portugal October 17-19, 2024. Or, ask me about private coaching and what it takes to become a VIP client.


And I can’t help if you don’t step up to ask.


Rock your week.


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