I have a prediction about your personal power

wednesdays with wayne Mar 10, 2021

A couple of months ago, I wrote a note to myself. It said, “I have a prediction – 2021 is the year to take back your power.”


It’s an interesting thought and I really had no idea what it meant at the time. It felt bigger than just a note to myself. It felt like a note about US, who we are becoming. I saw resilience in the world and, I suppose, this prediction came from the pandemic thing we’ve all experienced. 


It’s been over a year since COVID-19 was introduced as a “Novel” Corona Virus. Remember that the 19 part of that name reflects 2019, the year it was detected as a new strain of something to be alert to. We felt the effects in the United States take hold toward the end of the first quarter of last year and… dang, well, here we are.


This year you declare…!


We’re well on our way into 2021 and you may have noticed something: You’re getting used to it all. It’s not convenient, it’s not great, it’s not even something we could or should call the “new normal.” 


Your personal power is rooted in your resilience.


That’s true power. We were all knocked off our track a little. Some felt the effects more than others. And as you read this, you must know that you’ve made it one more day. That’s amazing, right? One more. And one more. And one more day.


Don’t stop with just making it through one more day.

You’re learning, adapting, and growing every day, as well.


Your power not only lies in your resilience, it’s in the way you treat others on this path. Each of us has made it through one more day. We’ve grown and learned along the way. Each of us is going through something. Compassion for others is power. Compassion for yourself is power. Recognizing your resilience is power.


My prediction about your personal power is that this is the year you reclaim it. This is the year you look beyond the toilet paper binge-buying and reconnect with yourself first, knowing that you’re going to be okay because you already are, and then sharing that solid feeling with others around you. 


You know the “Hi, how are you?” questions that we politely share?

Try these on for answers: 

I’m doing really well, growing every day!

How about you? What are you working on and how can I help you?


If those work for you, feel free to borrow and practice on the next person you speak with. You’re getting your personal power back. Reach out to lift someone who isn’t so sure.


~ Dr P ~

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