Why Getting Dirty Matters

wednesdays with wayne Mar 03, 2021

I don’t like gardening. I’m supposed to like gardening, but I don’t.

Maybe you’ve approached your business that way.


I don’t look forward to getting dirty, sore, or scratched up by the branches that I prune.


And I really don’t like the idea that no matter what I do today, it’ll all have to happen again.


That’s all past-tense thinking. 

Prior to going outside with my wife on Saturday, loppers in hand, I had a little chat with myself: “What if I approached this as something I loved?”

“What if this were fun?”

“What if the process of gardening isn’t some end result, but some small portion of the journey?”


When I began asking myself those questions, everything shifted. 


I was surprised by how many times my wife thanked me for helping her with the garden. It’s our garden. I thought it was a shared project. Apparently, my prior disdain for this kind of stuff had come through clearly to her. She thanked me for spending two hours with her, cutting short what would have been a six-hour day because we worked efficiently together.


I did get dirty and scratched up and I know that all of this gardening, pruning, and attending to what’s growing is going to need more attention. This is all part of IT, the big “it” called Life. This is the concept that relates to everything.


Transferring my newfound love of gardening to business, I began to ask…


What if I loved setting up business systems?

What if I looked forward to setting agendas and tracking what part of them was completed and what part(s) need follow up?

What if I was the one showing up ready to go?


Guess what Monday looked like for me after I put my mind in that particular success set?


Yep! I’m ready!


How about you?


~ Dr P ~


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