Motivational Dressing

wednesdays with wayne Mar 24, 2021

I’m sitting here in my robe, getting focused for my day – My exercise clothes will come next. And then I’ll decide when my shower comes. I clean up a little sooner when I know I’m doing another television interview


I feel good no matter what I wear.

Some people have the mindset of having to “get up and dress up” in order to show up. The truth, at least my truth, is that my presence is on because I turn it on when I open my eyes in the morning. It’s a choice. I get up and show up. 


There’s a community I’m in that meets at 6am. They’ve seen me in my button-down and sport coat, they’ve seen me in my sweats and they’ve seen me in my robe. Am I any less present?


In a recent interview for the Huffington Post, the reporter really wanted to use my credentials as a PhD in Clinical Psych to underscore the need to get dressed and how that affects your mood. Her bias was there. And I kept saying that if you were wearing your imaginary cape, you’re still a super-hero.


Here’s the bottom line about motivational dressing – or “dressing for success” – the rules have changed! If you’re working from home, you’re dressing for yourself. And when we go back into the office, sure, we’ll dress a little more sharply. What gets you feeling good?


If you’re feeling like wearing those feel-good undies, do it. If it’s a special shirt that gets you in the groove, wonderful. Maybe it’s jewelry – a ring, watch, or earrings – if that’s your power touchstone, wear it.


The clothes don’t make you more or less productive. 


What you wear becomes a symbol to remind you about the mindset you’ve chosen. 

Your clothes become that giant sticky-note you’ve taped to your monitor: 

Keep Your Head In The Game!

Motivational dressing is a mind-game. Steve Jobs wore the same uniform of a black turtleneck and jeans, convinced that if he didn’t have to think about what to wear, he could focus on other more important decision-making tasks. There may be something to that. For him, that uniform became his touchstone reminder to make the important, and creative, decisions outside of what he was wearing.


So, hey, what are you wearing?


How do you feel?


How about this… what do you want to feel?

Okay, then feel it! Determined? Relaxed? Relentless? Professional?

How about real and authentic?


You choose.


Be the superhero of your choice today. The world needs you… even if you’re in your sweats or robe.


Stay in it!


~ Dr P ~


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