I Could Hug You For That

wednesdays with wayne Aug 01, 2018

“I could hug you for that” I exclaimed as my client noted that her latest struggle was based in making a decision that was actually right in front of her.  She thought she’d have to look further. She noted, “I struggled because it was too easy.”

Oh my gosh!  The irony, right???  

How often do you make things harder than they need to be?  Dang! Navigating through life is hard enough. Why make it harder than it is?  

Welcome to this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne where I get to remind you that sometimes you actually already have what you need.  Sometimes you have enough.
Always, you ARE enough!!!

What are you struggling with?  You know, you have worked to hard and come too far just to get this far.  You’re still growing unless you’ve decided not to.

Your challenge today:  What’s right in front of you that you thought you’d have to work harder to find or have?  (Note that the...

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3 Cs for the week

wednesdays with wayne Jul 25, 2018

Let’s jump right in for this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne.  There are three things that will propel you forward right now.

You’ve got to step into a place of courage; do that thing you know you should do.  Take one little action to give you the growth you need to be that bigger person you know you can be.  No one is waiting to discover you. Step forward. (Pick up the phone, write that thing you’ve been sitting on, get out your running shoes, whatever it is, take that first step.)

Practice that with consistency.
Take that step once.
Then, do it again.
Prove to yourself (this isn’t for anyone else) that you can do the thing and do it again.  It’s not a one-and-done.

You’ve got to stay on it and commit.
Demonstrate your commitment to being a better you, every single day.  Sure, maybe consistency and commitment go hand-in-hand.  If you see it that way, then it’s only a two-step process!

If you want to be in a...

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And Then One Day

wednesdays with wayne Jul 18, 2018

And then one day, they called you “doctor.”
And then one day back in middle school, your legs got longer.
And then one day all of a sudden, fame hit.
And then one day, the contract came through.

What are you working on, right now, that seems to be taking forever to get through?  In this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne we’re looking at all that went into creating that sense of One Day, that shift from what was to what is.  

You know that your path isn’t one of “poof, one day this magic all happened.”  The evidence of the magic in your life today is the hard work you’ve been putting in for years.  The songwriter who suddenly “made it” didn’t pick up a guitar the previous day. She worked at it for years.  

And personally, my first book didn’t take me just a year and a half to write.  Nope, it took closer to fifty years to write.

No one sees the work that goes into the daily practice....

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You've Already Won!

wednesdays with wayne Jul 11, 2018

You start your day as a winner!  You have already won the day! And in this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne, I’ll challenge you to hold onto that feeling!  

Because you organized your week on Sunday and last night you reviewed your day ahead, you already know what you get to do today.

You’ve already won this day!  Why would you let anyone take that away from you?
This day is yours!  It’s yours to bring joy to others.  It’s yours to serve fully and bring even greater significance and meaning to your life.

Too often I’ve heard the stifled cry of “I’m doing okay, but I just don’t feel fulfilled.”   There’s a sense of overwhelm mixed with dread. The goal is to make it through one more day. You’re not here to “just get through it.”  You’ve got much more life in you than that. Right? (Remember that!)

As I’ve often suggested, take a moment – reflect on...

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Mania and Trust

wednesdays with wayne Jul 04, 2018

Wow!  Okay, so it’s July 4th and you might expect something Independence related.  In reality, ALL OF MY WRITING IS ABOUT FREEDOM. You are here to get just a little more personal freedom.  

Two very different thoughts for you in today’s Wednesdays With Wayne:

There seems to be a misconception that High Performance equates to manic activity.  In fact, there’s really nothing that has to be manic about high performance. In my work with the highest performers (executives, entrepreneurs, athletes, parents), I show them how to build to a place of heightened and sustained vitality and productivity.  Hand-wringing and jaw-clenching are not a part of that program!

Here’s something you’re never asked to do:  Check your vibrancy level.
Whether you’re “chillaxing” today or moving forward on your next big project, what energy do you need to be bringing?  How can you bring up the energy just that bit more?


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The Magic of Shifting Perspective!

wednesdays with wayne Jun 27, 2018

Problems!  This Wednesdays With Wayne looks at how you handle problems.  Let’s start by looking at them. If you took inventory right now, how many problems would you say you have?  

Are you buried by them?  Or are you curious and engaged, even energized by them?  While I’m not suggesting that you find a mental space of such bliss that you have no problems, I am suggesting that a shift in how you look at them makes a difference in the problems themselves.

As you think about your biggest problem (or challenge) right now, what body sensation do you have?  

Try this:

  • Get one clear challenge in mind.  The bigger, the better!

Where are you struggling the most?

    • Finance
    • Relationships
    • Career/Job
    • Health
    • Social
    • Other
  • Ask:  How could I approach this problem differently?

Put yourself in a position of thinking differently and explore this question from multiple perspectives:

How would I approach this problem if I were:

      • Oprah...
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Permission To Be More YOU

wednesdays with wayne Jun 20, 2018

People ask me where my topics come from for writing Wednesdays With Wayne every week.  They come from you!  When I get questions or see themes emerge in the private clients I work with, I’ve just GOT to make sure this hits your conscious thought process, too.  

“I guess I was just following the rules and didn’t give myself permission to do anything different.”

“I think I just needed permission to think that way.”

Okay!  Permission Granted!
In my first book, Choosing Your Power, chapter three is titled PERMISSION GRANTED.
So many women and quite a few men find themselves apologizing for taking space in the world.  Too often, the “shoulds” imposed by others become the cage that you live in.

Over and over again this past week, the issue of permission to live more fully came up.

So I’ll keep this brief –

→  What thing have you held back from fully exploring or even allowing yourself to think...

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False Urgency

wednesdays with wayne Jun 13, 2018

You’re pushing to get it all done again, aren’t you?

Yeah… it’s mid-year and there are tons of reasons (or excuses) why you’re pushing so hard.  There’s all that stuff that has been on your “to-do” list. There’s all that stuff that’s looming on your calendar.  

And all of it is important, isn’t it?

It IS important, isn’t it?  

Okay, so there’s the important stuff.  And there’s the urgent stuff. And what we’ve been taught is that we need to handle the urgent right now whether it’s important or not.

The problem is that everything starts to look urgent.  Everything.

Even the unimportant becomes urgent.

And you live your life running from task to task to task to… you get the picture.  You’ve been living it and you forgot to take a breath or two.

So here’s the challenge for your Wednesdays With Wayne:
It’s a couple of action steps....

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Just Do Your (bleeping) Job!

wednesdays with wayne Jun 06, 2018

This past week, I was just in front of a good-sized group of small business leaders discussing the differences between Management and Leadership.   Most of the people-wranglers there commented, in their own way, about finding themselves in this shared place of hopefulness and frustration.

Is this you?

I try to have empathy.
And at the same time, I really want to scream, “Just do your @*!!%! job!!!!”

Balancing the desire to be kind and accessible against the push to just have the team member do their job can tear your insides apart.  (It’s the thing they’re paid to do, why can’t they just do their job?) Beware of letting that frustration spill out.

Welcome to this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne where you’re now exploring how to show that you care while, at the same time, engaging employees (or family members) to do what they’re “supposed to” do.  

In our latest #1 Best Selling Book, Leadership Lessons From...

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Shedding Your Values Wooly Willy Style

wednesdays with wayne May 30, 2018

This process of Dynamic Transitions is dear to my heart as my book by the same name became a #1 International Best Seller (Get It Here).  One of the core foci within the pages is the notion of identifying your values.

Getting from Here To There in this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne.

This one is a simple concept, yet not necessarily that easy.  

What mattered to you 10 years ago?  I mean, what really, REALLY mattered to you?  Was it money? Was it your driving ambition in your career?  Was it sex? Was it family? Think about it, really. You’re not the same person you were ten years ago.  The journey has changed you.

Are the values you held then the same as the ones you hold now?
Some are.  Some aren’t.

That means planning your future needs to be based on future values.

Most people don’t think that way.  Most people don’t recognize that they have shed past values and if they do, they usually fail to recognize that...

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