Your New Relationship

wednesdays with wayne Nov 24, 2021

In the United States, tomorrow is the Thanksgiving holiday. As a reminder, you get the chance to engage in the kind of relationship YOU want. 


The question is, what are you bringing to the party? Relationships aren’t 50/50. Good relationships are 100/100. That means that you need to commit to showing up in full presence.  Focus on the other person. See where you can be of service. And hold boundaries when you need to.


Hold boundaries… What will you tolerate? Other people are full of drama and the holidays bring out the strangest things. Be an observer, noticing them and noticing your own responses.

If you delineate boundaries ahead of any gathering, you’re able to back away rather than having to engage in a go-nowhere kind of fight.  


Practice seeing the people in your life differently. They’ve changed since you last saw them, whether that was Pre-Pandemic or whether that was just yesterday. They’ve changed. And so have you.


What about them can you acknowledge might be different.


Create a new relationship with them.

Create a new relationship with yourself.


Remember why you’re there. And if you’re alone for the holidays, then please remember that there are others who could simply use a smile and a bit of human acknowledgement.


I see you. 


That’s all a lot of people want. Even the ones making the horrible cranky noises.

I see you, dear human, I see you.


Model that good humanness you have. Let that shine.

Enjoy tomorrow if you’re celebrating.


Make your magic by spreading your joy. 

That’s a new relationship. 

Try that!


Happy holidays. See you here next week!


= Wayne = 


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