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You think YOU have problems…!

wednesdays with wayne Sep 13, 2017

I just heard a speaker say that you don’t need to tell people your problems, 90% of people don’t care and the other 10% are glad you have them.  It’s interesting.  When I share things, it’s not about the “problems,” but actually simply about what’s going on.  I don’t look for sympathy.  Certainly, it’s as simple as understanding.  In this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne I’ll take you for a look at problems… mine and yours.  So, why am I shaking…?

Why Am I Shaking?

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I was at dinner with a friend I don’t get to see in person much.  I explained that she might see my hand shake a little.  I could feel it coming on and wanted to let her know I wasn’t having a seizure or going through DTs.  My conversation was simply to convey information – there’s a hereditary condition that has to do with what’s known as...

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Why So Serious?

wednesdays with wayne Sep 06, 2017

Have you ever found yourself worrying about something so much you were almost to the point of tears?

Short On Time?
(Am I, Or Am I Not, Wearing Pants?)

Traffic is terrible.  The people you’re waiting to get an answer from aren’t calling you back.  There are two meetings in different places you’re supposed to attend.  You’ve got multiple projects going at work and more projects going at home.  You’re juggling and stretching the resources you have.  You wonder how to get it all done, how get in that workout, and how to eat right, AND still to have some downtime.

Today’s Wednesdays With Wayne isn’t about productivity; it’s actually about saluting the absurd in honor of humor and your health.

By acknowledging the small absurdities in your life, you actually gain a perspective that allows you to put the bigger stuff in a handle-able order.  That is, when you get tense about being tense,...

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What Do You Get When…

wednesdays with wayne Aug 30, 2017

Short On Time?
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Over the past year, I’ve been sharing the topics that have cropped up in my life during the week.  They’re current.  They’re real.  And this week, on more than just a handful of occasions, the topic that’s THE key ingredient for great leaders has shown up – over and over and over again.

From research noted at some of the greatest international companies to personal contacts with clients, the thing that predicts your success is your willingness to grow yourself combined with your drive to grow the people in your organization (business, family, or community).  

So in this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne, I ask this question:

What do you get when…

What do you get when you invest in your learning?

  • You learn more (obviously).  And a mind, once expanded cannot go back to the way it once was.
  • You push others to learn and to live up to your new level of operating.  
  • You get...
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wednesdays with wayne Aug 23, 2017

A funny thing just happened to my friend, Mike.  It reminded me so much about a story that I tell, that I just had to bring it to you!

In this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne we look at how YOU are so much like a Dragonfly, you might need someone to “shoo” you on your way.

A dragonfly got into the house.  That’s supposed to be lucky… unless you’re the dragonfly.  Or you have cats and you’re trying to have a restful afternoon.


Watch the “Dragonfly” video here
(you’ll enjoy these quick few minutes)


So this dragonfly gets in and buzzes around and then it finds the glass door!  It hits the glass pane.  It buzzes up against the glass pane.  It pushes hard against that clear glass pane.  It pushes against and flies into the glass over and over and over again.  You can tell it’s trying to get back out.  It knows it can do it.  It must.

In fact, the door is open....

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This Mistake Will Blow Your Chances –

wednesdays with wayne Aug 16, 2017

No Time To Read? Check out the 2-minute video, here!

No one sets out to make a bad impression.  Sometimes we stress about making a good impression, especially if it’s the first time we’re meeting someone.  

But a subtle mistake stops people from deepening a relationship with you – whether that’s a working relationship or a personal relationship.  In this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne, you’ll see the difference in approach as you engage with others.

There are two styles in engaging with others:

You could show up like a puppy, wagging your tail, tongue hanging out, and piddling on the carpet.  “Do you like me?  I’m likable!  I like you!  Do you like me?”

Approval seeking in whatever form it takes never creates the desired outcome you’re after.  In essence, you’re saying, “I want you to like me so much, I’ll be who you want me to be.”  If that’s the...

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Hurry up and stop that…!

wednesdays with wayne Aug 09, 2017

You can also see a quick 2-minute video about this! Head on over to: My YouTube Channel - click here!!!


Go, go, go, go…. GO!  

Do you ever have the feeling that no matter how busy you are, there’s always so much more to do?  Maybe your blood pressure rises just a bit when you hit yet another red light (literally or figuratively) in your day.

How do you make the set-backs matter rather than feel run over by them?

Seriously, how can you get over YOURSELF long enough to realize that all of those setbacks aren’t being done TO you?   Because it’s THAT that causes the bump in blood pressure and the gritting of teeth.  The band headaches you have at the end of the day come from the stacking of teeth-gritting moments in the day.

So how do you stop that?  Welcome to your Wednesdays With Wayne where you’re reminded to live into your Best Self with tips every week.  

Last week I offered you an example of how patience...

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Having your way with… you!

wednesdays with wayne Aug 02, 2017

I sit here on the stairs
'Cause I'd rather be alone
If I can't have you right now, I'll wait…

(from Patience by Guns n Roses)

Have you ever wanted something to go your way?  Of course you have, no one sets out on their day hoping things won’t go their way.  The thing is there are a lot of factors playing into what our “way” is.

In fact, if you think about it, there are so many factors that feed into the path we’re paving, it’s really amazing that we get our way at all.  And today, in this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne, let’s look at a few things that affect your getting what you really want.

Intentionality & Clarity – Think about the last time you were really clear… I mean REALLY clear about what you wanted.  In Choosing Your Power, I called that your EPO or Envisioned Positive Outcome.  When you are super clear about what you want, you’re more likely to get it.  The more specific the...

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What's A DPS™??

wednesdays with wayne Jul 26, 2017

You’ve been getting some updates about the new course I’m creating and, today, as you read this, we’re part way through filming.  It’s pretty exciting and there’s still time to jump in on the fun.  It all starts at noon pacific time.  Not only am I filming, but I’ve got some fun giveaways, too.  Check it out here: Behind-The-Scenes Filming of The Direct Power System™ Course

So just what IS a DPS™?

It’s actually personal… it’s your Direct Power System™.

Have you ever felt like your communications were just missing the mark?  Like YOU know what you meant but no one seemed to take what you said with the importance it had for you?  

Have you ever felt like you could help someone if they’d only let you?  

Or maybe you find yourself wondering if you’re in the right place… like you’re out of place because you’re not actually owning your space?  


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Digging In

wednesdays with wayne Jul 19, 2017

Did you ever feel like you gave everything you had to give – to a project, to your workday, to your kids or your partner…?  And then, even with all that you gave, there’s a demand for more?

It happens.  Sometimes we give our all.  Sometimes, after giving our all, we’re asked to give even more.  In a recent all-hands meeting that I attended, the CEO opened the meeting by talking about, “digging in.”  

And that’s what it takes to get to your next level.  

Here’s the thing - you’re doing great!  That’s what’s brought you here.  Doing even greater requires you to find that extra, to push that bit more, and in building on last week’s Wednesdays With Wayne, to really be deliberate about your actions during the day.

How do we find what it takes to be that bit better? 

Where does that kind of energy come from?  

A half-marathon is a race that...

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Oh, So Good!

wednesdays with wayne Jul 12, 2017

Yep!  You’re good.  You’re pretty darn good. And still, do you know what the research says about taking all of that up a notch (or two or 10)?

If you practice something long enough, you’ll be good at it.  And that’s the danger.  Yes, just practicing something could damage your potential.  In this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne let’s look deeper at what gets in the way of making you truly GREAT.

Have you ever felt like you’ve hit a plateau?  Whether you play golf or tennis, paint or sculpt, or do what you do for a living, could you get better at it?

Yes.  Yes you could!

Climb into your way-back machine and note that in the late 1970s a lot of research came out about the effects of visualization on performance.  What was reported was that those (athletes) who practiced their art in their mind’s eye actually performed better when it was game time.  To a certain degree, mental rehearsal is almost...

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