What To Know About Your Dreams

wednesdays with wayne Apr 13, 2022

“I’m living the dream…”


“I’m still chasing my dreams!”


“I’ve given up on my dreams.”



What’s up with those elusive dreams?

You had them when you were younger. You believed that they were possible. You got into a routine (might we say “rut”), and now those dreams seem so far behind you that there’s no reason to reach back after them.


And that’s true, there’s no reason to reach backwards.

Stop reaching for yesterday’s dreams!!!


That doesn’t mean that you should give up dreaming, wishing, or desiring.

Here’s what it does mean: You might be holding onto something that anchors you to a past that’s unreachable. The famous quote from the old On The Waterfront movie, Marlon Brando utters, “I coulda been a contender.” 


I think about dreams of the past the way I think about grieving a loved one’s passing. Acknowledging that everyone grieves differently, I’ll tread lightly here. Suffice it to say that I believe that we grieve the loss of what could be AND what could’ve been. We want more time with that person to have good times together and to work out the stuff we didn’t work out. Otherwise, what we have are good (or bad) memories of the times that we did have together.


We have those memories now, so we’re not grieving the loss of those. We’re grieving what could have been.


And that’s what’s needed for the dreams of our past. Similar to humans or pets, bringing another dream into your life doesn’t take the place of the old one.  And, it’s important to recognize where you are in your life. You’ve grown and your values have changed since you first had your original dream and desire.


What is it you truly desire now? NOW. Not a wish for what could have been in the past, what ideal version of your life do you really, truly want? What would you trade your resources (time, money, focus, etc.) to pursue? Is it a desire or just a wish?  


Desires require effort. Moving towards them, consciously and subconsciously, every day. What is it you want now, with the values you currently hold? What makes your desire different from a wish is the willingness to move towards it. (I mean even if you wished to win the lottery, you’d still have to do the work to buy a ticket.)


It’s great to have new dreams.

You can live into them.

Every single day.


I do. Mine have changed as I’ve grown and I’m surprised, in fact, when I think I’m thinking big, to become challenged to think bigger.


And my desire expands. And as a result, I grow. 


And you know what happens next? My desire expands more, and as a result, I grow.


Here’s an invitation for you to do the same.

Desire. Grow. Repeat.


= Wayne =

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