Trusting Yourself

wednesdays with wayne Mar 23, 2022

“Go ahead. I trust you.” Powerful words that aren’t uttered lightly. When clients speak these to me, I’m honored and hold the promise of that trust as sacred. I know I’ve earned it. I know that my actions, my comments, the amount of push I give because of the insights I offer, that’s all based on being real and true to myself first. 


You can’t trust me if I don’t trust myself and, conversely, I can’t – and won’t – trust you if I don’t get a sense that you don’t trust yourself. Are you trustworthy?


Do a quick check in with yourself. Don’t just knee-jerk react to say that “of course” you are. Think about this: Are you Trust Worthy, worthy of being trusted by others and certainly first, are you worthy of being trusted by you?


When you tell yourself that you’re going to change a habit and on day two you revert, are you trustworthy? When you are dealing with a team member who isn’t living into a level of excellence that you want them to live into, but you rank them as “exceeds expectations” because they’ve been around a while and they’re a nice person, are you trustworthy? When you set annual, quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily goals for yourself and they slip by without you doing something to correct for the slip, not just saying you’ll do something, but doing something, are you trustworthy?


Those examples come from my life and those of my clients. They’re real.

And if you’re honest with yourself, you’ll conclude that you’re not really fully trustworthy with yourself.


I’ve earned trust with others. I haven’t earned trust with myself. Isn’t that a strange paradox? In fact, as I write, I’m in my workout clothes. It’s close to noon, and my morning workout I promised myself didn’t happen… yet.  


When you make a promise to yourself, when you set a goal for yourself, you need to take action on that in the same way, or perhaps in an even stronger way than you’d do for others. Your trust of yourself shines through. Help it do so.


Rock your day!


= Wayne = 

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