Chunks of How

wednesdays with wayne Mar 16, 2022

You know I’m a fan of “begin before you’re ready.” I’ve seen so many people that keep themselves stuck because of the lies that they tell themselves and try to convince me of, “I’m not ready just yet.” They soften it with those last two words.


Really, I’ve seen A LOT of ambivalence over the years. People will tell me that they want to work with me, they know their life will improve, they want the programs that they’ve heard are life changing. And yet a commitment isn’t fully made.


And from where you’re sitting, you might be wondering why people don’t just make a commitment. Or, you might be reflecting on those New Year’s Hopes that weren’t really resolutions after all and realizing how they fell away, yet still linger as a distant wish.


The key is decision plus action.


The obstacle is ambivalence and that shows up as resistance. You tell yourself stories that include such favorites as, “I’m not ready” or “I need to know how it’ll work before I can even start.” 


The reality is that you really don’t need to know how.

The “how” shows up once the decision is made.


The decision to go to the moon was made far before the technology to do so was created. The device you are reading this on wasn’t constructed before the idea of it was.


Have the idea.

Take a step.


In doing that, the next step shows up.

The mountain isn’t climbed in a single bound. Chunk it down. One of the deepest things I learned was that mountain climbers in the snow take their climb at just seven inches at a time. Boot in, lift, other boot out, pull up, boot in, first boot out of the ice, continue…


Seven inches at a time and the next step or foothold becomes evident.


Make your decision to go to that event, read that book, make that call, etc.

Make your decision to climb that mountain. Then, chunk it down into the smallest steps. Any movement forward is movement.


Overcome inertia.

Build momentum.

Recognize that after you take enough of your small steps, you create an exponential leap point.


You’re ready. 

Dream big and chunk it down.


Let’s go!


= Wayne = 

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