Committing or Quitting

wednesdays with wayne Mar 30, 2022

I’m in a class at 6am every morning. It’s an online group and the good news for me as I travel is that the classes are recorded so that I can come back to them to pick up the ones I missed. When 5am rolled around today, I rolled over, happy that I had time, knowing that if I needed to sleep just a little longer I could, and convincing myself that since I worked out hard yesterday, my body needed the rest.


When I opened my eyes at 5:50am, I had a flood of thoughts that ranged from “I could roll over for just a little more sleep; it’s still dark out” to “Oh my gosh, I’m not late” and “I committed, I need to do this.”


I leapt out of bed, “Thank You” being the first words out of my mouth. Yep, even in a rush, I’m grateful to have this day. I gathered my workout clothes and headed to my computer. This did two things: 1) it got me to my class on time… dressed, and 2) it prepared me to work out after attending my class. 


You see, we’re at the end of Q1 and chances are, you’ve let a lot fall off your goals list already. You’ve hit the proverbial snooze button on them, telling yourself you’d get back to them someday. 


Ahhhh that mysterious day of the week, month, year that doesn’t ever show up on the calendar… someday.


Get real.

It’s okay to quit. Did you get that? It’s okay to quit. You free up energetic space – let’s call it bandwidth – to attend to the things that really do matter to you.


And if more sales and shedding a few pounds matter to you, then don’t quit, get back in the game, start anew. If learning that language or studying a musical instrument or learning to cook or investing in your personal and professional development might matter to you, then get back in the game and put those things on your calendar. Make them matter.


Commit or Quit. Use your energy wisely, become more trustworthy with yourself by honoring the things you said you’d do.


And if investing in yourself IS on your “do” list, then you owe it to yourself to at least explore this link.  I’m here to optimize your mindstate and uplevel your excellence.



Crush your day!


= Wayne = 


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