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What Happened When I Lost Track of Purpose

wednesdays with wayne Mar 31, 2021

There's a lot of talk about the big Why. 

When you fall into SHOULD it's easy to lose your sense of what it's all for.

  • I should get up
  • I should exercise
  • I should eat better
  • I should get that report done
  • I should read more


We lose our sense of purpose when we feel like we’re doing it for someone else.


Conversely – 

We return to our purpose when we remember that we positively affect the lives of others.

When you deliberately, actively, positively® affect someone else’s life, you’ve made the unconscious drudgery of getting through another day something much more conscious and unfathomably priceless.  


Priceless – unbelievably valuable – you showing up…  


Do you have a lot going on in your world right now?

It’s weird, right? We’re seeing the same things over and over and yet, as you read this, your day is probably scheduled far beyond what you want it to be. What...

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Motivational Dressing

wednesdays with wayne Mar 24, 2021

I’m sitting here in my robe, getting focused for my day – My exercise clothes will come next. And then I’ll decide when my shower comes. I clean up a little sooner when I know I’m doing another television interview


I feel good no matter what I wear.

Some people have the mindset of having to “get up and dress up” in order to show up. The truth, at least my truth, is that my presence is on because I turn it on when I open my eyes in the morning. It’s a choice. I get up and show up. 


There’s a community I’m in that meets at 6am. They’ve seen me in my button-down and sport coat, they’ve seen me in my sweats and they’ve seen me in my robe. Am I any less present?


In a recent interview for the Huffington Post, the reporter really wanted to use my credentials as a PhD in Clinical Psych to underscore the need to get dressed and how that affects your mood. Her bias was there. And I kept...

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It's Not About The Squirrel (Self-Sabotage and Patterns for Distraction

wednesdays with wayne Mar 17, 2021

You’re not lazy.

You’re not procrastinating.

You’re not even self-sabotaging.


What is this distractibility that comes on like a heavy fog blowing through? What happens when, on the verge of doing something big, there’s some other stuff that needs attention.


Is it that squirrel thing?


It’s deeper than that.


You want more.

You know there’s more and you’re aching to get it. But you’ve gotten good at ignoring what feels like a dull ache from inside, so you just carry on. You allow the fog and distractions to wash over you.


I’m here to poke you a little and to remind you about who you are supposed to be, who you deserve to be.


I’m also here to give you a torch to shine the light on what’s really going on with you.


You know that drawer that needs organizing? Or that social media post or article? Or that show that you just need to see the end of? Or that snack that’s...

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I have a prediction about your personal power

wednesdays with wayne Mar 10, 2021

A couple of months ago, I wrote a note to myself. It said, “I have a prediction – 2021 is the year to take back your power.”


It’s an interesting thought and I really had no idea what it meant at the time. It felt bigger than just a note to myself. It felt like a note about US, who we are becoming. I saw resilience in the world and, I suppose, this prediction came from the pandemic thing we’ve all experienced. 


It’s been over a year since COVID-19 was introduced as a “Novel” Corona Virus. Remember that the 19 part of that name reflects 2019, the year it was detected as a new strain of something to be alert to. We felt the effects in the United States take hold toward the end of the first quarter of last year and… dang, well, here we are.


This year you declare…!


We’re well on our way into 2021 and you may have noticed something: You’re getting used to it all. It’s not...

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Why Getting Dirty Matters

wednesdays with wayne Mar 03, 2021

I don’t like gardening. I’m supposed to like gardening, but I don’t.

Maybe you’ve approached your business that way.


I don’t look forward to getting dirty, sore, or scratched up by the branches that I prune.


And I really don’t like the idea that no matter what I do today, it’ll all have to happen again.


That’s all past-tense thinking. 

Prior to going outside with my wife on Saturday, loppers in hand, I had a little chat with myself: “What if I approached this as something I loved?”

“What if this were fun?”

“What if the process of gardening isn’t some end result, but some small portion of the journey?”


When I began asking myself those questions, everything shifted. 


I was surprised by how many times my wife thanked me for helping her with the garden. It’s our garden. I thought it was a shared project. Apparently, my prior disdain for this kind...

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Imagine Winning

wednesdays with wayne Feb 24, 2021

It’s that simple. What big goal do you want to have accomplished by the end of this upcoming quarter? In three months, what do you want to have done, learned, experienced, or enjoyed?


You know I’m a Breakthrough Success Coach. I don’t focus on failure. I don’t focus on doubt. Success isn’t rooted in fear. Success is rooted in your belief in yourself and your abilities to figure things out.


Every day over the past year you’ve faced uncertainty. The news has been full of… well, you know. And each day, you’ve awakened. You’ve taken stuff on. You’ve done what needed to be done. And you demonstrated Courage to do that.

You demonstrated Resilience to do that.

Every Single Day you bounced back and moved forward.


So what’s that BIG goal that you haven’t dared to talk about?

Talk about it now.


Share it. Let people know what matters to you and Imagine Winning.

Imagine getting that goal.


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Picking It Back Up

wednesdays with wayne Feb 17, 2021

Wuh-whoa!  Did you notice that we’re in mid-February?


Did you notice that you’re doing okay having come through the holidays and that as the bills get paid, you’re still hanging in just fine?


Did you also realize that the items on your New Year’s wish list (those resolutions you weren’t so resolute about) have skidded off to the side of the road, parked awkwardly while you wrestle with your to-do list?


This one is simple:

Regain Your Clarity

Reset Your Intentions

Take the First Step


(then take the next step)


~ Dr P ~

Inspiring Greatness & Expecting Excellence


Message me if you’d like to get into the next Powerful Presence™ Program starting in Q2. 
In the meantime, Early Bird Pricing is happening now for my next Breakthrough Success Retreat. You’re going to love putting old stories to rest and stepping into a bright new future for yourself.  Space at this exceptional 2-day...
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Love Letters – business or personal, love yourself first

wednesdays with wayne Feb 10, 2021

Yes, this is my tribute to Valentine’s Day. Another made-up holiday to get you to buy flowers and make dinner reservations. (Hint, if it’s not Valentine’s Day all year, you’re doing it wrong.)

See www.RelationshipRecharge.com for your quick downloadable 7-tip guide. 


This love thing – When you look in the mirror, what do you see?

When you go to work, who are you?

When you’re out on a date, who is it about?


When you look in a mirror, what do you say?

If you saw someone who looked like you walking down the street, would you say those things out loud to that person? 


When you go to work, are you loving it? Are you happy to see your team mates? Are you excited about helping your customers? Does getting that report done make your day?


When you’re out on a date, are you worried about how you might come across or whether everything is okay?


Here’s the message today: It’s already okay! YOU...

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Separating The Person From The Behavior

wednesdays with wayne Feb 03, 2021

I had one of my high performance DynamicLeader® clients thank me for an insight I gave him. His son had just been a beast. You know how kids go through their growth spurts and have to prove that they’re not you – they’re anything but you. Yeah, it was that lovely growth time.


My client/friend was beside himself. His kid had almost become unlovable. It was bad.


One of my corporate clients reached out to me to talk about a woman on his team. She just wasn’t performing. She seemed to be that bit “off” in everything she’d turn in. And, worse, she didn’t seem to care. She’d blurt things out at team meetings and she’d under-perform in other areas of the job. 


My client/friend was at a loss. One of his star employees was slipping so badly, she just didn’t belong on the team any more. It was bad.


And there are hundreds more stories. You might even have your own.


My coaching was to...

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Deciphering Your Mindset

wednesdays with wayne Jan 27, 2021

We’re into the New Year, you’re staying on track (mostly), and you have a mix of enthusiasm and doubt as you move toward those goals. We’re dealing with a lot of “stuff” both in the U.S. and around the world. That pandemic thing is still here, though the future looks just a wee bit brighter.


So you think you’re optimistic. You think you have a positive mindset. And then, when that place of “stuck-ness” comes along, you forget about that positive mindset and wonder what the heck happened.


As your Breakthrough Success Coach, I’m here to nudge you a bit.

Beyond what you’ve read about the growth and fixed mindsets, beyond the locus of control research, there’s something very interesting at play.


Your mindset is driven by your core beliefs about the world. Those often operate at a subconscious level. That means, you might not even know what they are. 


I always laugh when I hear the...

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