Is This LOVE?

wednesdays with wayne Jan 12, 2022

I expect a lot of myself. 

And here’s a big secret not many people know about me: I’m also kind of critical of myself – there’s a “not good enough” self-talk that pops up every so often. Yeah… I get it too. 


There’s a realization I came to recently, it was sparked by some reading and then a lot of heavy reflection. It was about how we treat ourselves and I wanted to share that concept here.


If you’re building walls against the world, if you’re critical of yourself, if you’re soothing yourself and your basic anxieties in life with food, sex, or other substances, there’s a question to ask – Is This Love?


The way you woke up today and started your day, is it Love?

The way you spoke to yourself and the people around you, is it Love?

If you’re in sales, are you selling from a place of Love?

If you’re in service, are you serving from a place of Love?

If you’re...

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Ditch The New Year's Resolutions

wednesdays with wayne Jan 05, 2022

Hey! Where are you going this year? It’s 2022 and it’s time to set your GPS for the year. That is, you’ll want to adjust your thinking using a GPS mindset!


I use milestones like turning a calendar page not only to track progress, but to project it. 

And I do the reverse of that, as well. Specifically, I use milestones not only to project my goals and aspirations onto my calendar, but to track where I’ve been.


I use my birthday (it was in September) as my personal New Year. That said, I suppose I can’t help but to leverage the putting up of a new calendar as motivation to engage in a new reflection. Simply, what do I want to accomplish this year?


To make sure that resolutions don’t become vacant wishes, you need to be really, really specific about where you are heading and what you want. “I want to head west” is different from “I want to ride the Matterhorn at Disneyland.”  Being specific...

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Wish, Resolve, or Commit?

wednesdays with wayne Dec 29, 2021

Here’s something to think about this week: New Year’s Resolutions fail by about the third week in February. 


As we approach the New Year, think about what you really, truly DESIRE. 


What tugs at you?


What will you honestly be willing to trade time, money, and shift past priorities to do, have, or become?  


Can you let go of what you thought you wanted or convinced yourself you “should” want and open to the possibility of becoming more aligned in this coming year?


What do you want? How will you grow?

Will you become someone who speaks French, increases their income, or has more white space on their calendar? 


What is it you want… truly want?

What is it you truly desire and would tend to like a precious garden?


Dare to desire.

Dare to declare.

Dedicate yourself to attaining it and receive the fruits of your efforts!


Happy New Year!


= Wayne = 

To get you started,...

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One Thing Counts

wednesdays with wayne Dec 22, 2021

We’re at the end of the year.

Holiday festivities abound.

There are a lot of groups celebrating in a variety of ways.

There are others who simply aren’t celebrating.

And the calendar page is about to turn… again.


Alone or with others, at this time of year and throughout the year, one thing counts: Gratitude.


At this time of year, opinions will fly, emotions will flare, and things will go wrong.


Let’s get back to basics and remember that it’s grounding and positively impactful when you step into being grateful for the life you have, hardships and blessings. 


Look around.

Take a breath.

Recognize all that you are a part of (vs what you might be feeling apart from).

We’re connected and your positive vibe affects everyone you come in contact with. The ripples are potentially endless.


Gratitude and lifting others – those start with one… they start with you. Take that forward, pass it on.



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Remember The WatchWords!!!

wednesdays with wayne Dec 15, 2021

Why are you wearing that?

Why didn’t you call?

Why are there dishes in the sink?


Want to have a fight and raise tensions at your next family gathering? Here’s a quick-start fire log for ya! A rapid succession of “Why” questions will do the trick!


There are words that will derail a conversation. Avoiding them, especially during the holidays, will help your gatherings go so much more smoothly!


“Why” is a valuable self-introspective tool and something an engineer can use to deconstruct a particular outcome. Beyond that, “why” simply becomes a tool of blame and shame.

You might as well call the other person bad, wrong, and stupid. 


The antidote? 

Instead of “Why,” consider “What” or “How”


What about that outfit do you love?

I didn’t see that you called. What can you do in the future to help us all know what your timing might be?

Since we’re all...

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Success Is Not An Accident (a holiday message)

wednesdays with wayne Dec 08, 2021

We’re at the end of the calendar year. 

Look back at all you accomplished, especially in the wake of all of the unknowns. You’re here. You made it.


Do yourself a favor – 

List five tactics or habits you employed to get yourself here



Ask a family member, friend, or coworker about theirs. Share your list. You’ll both learn a lot.


Where will you be in your life this time next year?

Choose a target (or two or three)


Believe it’s possible

Use your strengths list to help you stay in the plan!


You’ve got this!

Keep making your magic!


= Wayne = 

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Making It Through the Month

wednesdays with wayne Dec 01, 2021

You may be among the millions of people who just survived a family gathering. And it’s possible that you’re trying to figure out, with so much going on, how you’re just going to get through this month.


The social expectations, more family get-togethers, the politics, and holiday cheer… searching for just the right thing, paying for it, decorating, cleaning up, and closing out the year end for your business (or Q2 on a fiscal calendar) … with all of that going on, life can be a little stressful.


Our sleep is disrupted as the seasons change and as we do our best to manage all that’s going on. So if you’re feeling a little on edge this month, there’s plenty of reason for it. The trick is to remember, you’re not alone. Pretty much everyone around you is a bit on edge. 


It’s not a competition.


You don’t have to be more sleep deprived than your co-worker.

You don’t have to be more on...

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Your New Relationship

wednesdays with wayne Nov 24, 2021

In the United States, tomorrow is the Thanksgiving holiday. As a reminder, you get the chance to engage in the kind of relationship YOU want. 


The question is, what are you bringing to the party? Relationships aren’t 50/50. Good relationships are 100/100. That means that you need to commit to showing up in full presence.  Focus on the other person. See where you can be of service. And hold boundaries when you need to.


Hold boundaries… What will you tolerate? Other people are full of drama and the holidays bring out the strangest things. Be an observer, noticing them and noticing your own responses.

If you delineate boundaries ahead of any gathering, you’re able to back away rather than having to engage in a go-nowhere kind of fight.  


Practice seeing the people in your life differently. They’ve changed since you last saw them, whether that was Pre-Pandemic or whether that was just yesterday. They’ve changed. And...

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The Secret To REAL Peace

wednesdays with wayne Nov 17, 2021

As we approach the end of the year (can you believe it) we can reflect back and plan forward. There are a lot of things we have to be grateful for. 

Especially as life as we knew it really has changed.


So what is the secret to real peace?  This one is simple - the secret to real peace is to create it for yourself.




Yep! The secret to real peace is not to find it, but to create it. Even when things are going wrong, you have a choice about your mindset. 


What opportunity is this situation offering you?

A chance to get closer? A chance to understand the situation differently? A chance to reflect inwardly about your personal triggers and where they came from?


We only get triggered when our identity is threatened.

Think about that. When was the last time you got really upset about something? It was when someone said or did something that threatened your identity or integrity (read as identity).


Sports fans get super upset...

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Planning Your Holiday Stress

wednesdays with wayne Nov 10, 2021

We’re into November and usually I’ll write something reminding you about gratitude. And that’s important. So, remember the small stuff for which you’re grateful.


Got it?


Okay, with that practice completed, let’s look at something really absurd…


We plan for so much. We've planned for the holidays. We know where we’re going to be at the end of the month. We know with whom we’re getting together next month. You might have already planned your menu. You might have had that planned a month or two ago. 


And chances are, you've also begun planning where you anticipate stress. 

Yep, I know it happens to a lot of us at this time of year. We inventory who needs what from us. We also look at whom we’ll share a table and/or conversation. Who is going to say something offensive and then what will happen when they’re put back in line? Drama. We’re planning for drama!


What if you did it...

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