Making It Through the Month

wednesdays with wayne Dec 01, 2021

You may be among the millions of people who just survived a family gathering. And it’s possible that you’re trying to figure out, with so much going on, how you’re just going to get through this month.


The social expectations, more family get-togethers, the politics, and holiday cheer… searching for just the right thing, paying for it, decorating, cleaning up, and closing out the year end for your business (or Q2 on a fiscal calendar) … with all of that going on, life can be a little stressful.


Our sleep is disrupted as the seasons change and as we do our best to manage all that’s going on. So if you’re feeling a little on edge this month, there’s plenty of reason for it. The trick is to remember, you’re not alone. Pretty much everyone around you is a bit on edge. 


It’s not a competition.


You don’t have to be more sleep deprived than your co-worker.

You don’t have to be more on edge than your relative who drinks just that bit too much at the gathering and tells you his/her/their worldview and what it was like in their day.


Nope! It’s not a competition. 

In fact, 



What would it take for you to be the one to awaken happy and filled with gratitude? How might you affect others if you simply felt joy? 


I’ve said this before – your calendar is the indicator of your priorities. Put yourself on it. Block time, even 20 minutes, for yourself. Meditate, journal, walk outside… those are all great ways to break from the pressure of the day – any day – every day!


Recognize that other people’s drama isn’t yours to fix. No matter how loud or upset the other person seems, you choose whether to step in or to walk away. And it’s okay to walk away. Giving yourself a break from any kind of energy-suck allows you to refuel and reenter with joy (and peace).  


Strategies to move from surviving the month to thriving this month:

    • Put yourself on your calendar
    • Get grateful – There’s A LOT for which you could give thanks
    • Family Gathering?
      • Chunk the tasks down
      • Have a plan for what to say when things get awkward
        • “I have a different opinion. I won’t be participating in this conversation.”
      • Recognize that you’re still in control – you can choose your emotional state – even if someone else is losing their s**t.
      • Get some open-ended questions together for guiding the conversation. (Note that a series of yes/no closed-ended questions can sound like an interrogation.)
      • Consider this a question you’d ask at your dinner table: “With all that’s happened over the past two years, what were three positive things that came out of it for you?”
      • Set a time to withdraw – if you’re visiting, set an outside time limit for how long you’ll stay. If you’re hosting, set a few times for yourself to simply take a break.





Then, recognize that these habits aren’t just for the holidays! 

You can take them with you to thrive in the New Year!


Keep making your magic!


= Wayne = 


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