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One Thing Counts

wednesdays with wayne Dec 22, 2021

We’re at the end of the year.

Holiday festivities abound.

There are a lot of groups celebrating in a variety of ways.

There are others who simply aren’t celebrating.

And the calendar page is about to turn… again.


Alone or with others, at this time of year and throughout the year, one thing counts: Gratitude.


At this time of year, opinions will fly, emotions will flare, and things will go wrong.


Let’s get back to basics and remember that it’s grounding and positively impactful when you step into being grateful for the life you have, hardships and blessings. 


Look around.

Take a breath.

Recognize all that you are a part of (vs what you might be feeling apart from).

We’re connected and your positive vibe affects everyone you come in contact with. The ripples are potentially endless.


Gratitude and lifting others – those start with one… they start with you. Take that forward, pass it on.


See you here next week.


= Wayne =

Check out www.StartsWithOne.com for a gratitude challenge!


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