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What's Your Word?

wednesdays with wayne Jan 19, 2022

When I coach my VIP clients, I’ll always start with exploring what my clients say they value and then look at what really shows up.  From there, we can work on realigning what’s important by getting clearer on actions vs. stated desires.


And with that said, I’ll declare something that is now probably very obvious to you: 

Resolutions Don’t Work


Do you know why? It’s because no one is ever truly “resolute.” 

When was the last time you made a “resolution” and kept on it past mid-Feb? Resolutions aren’t the same as goals. And that makes them harder to live into.


Instead, create a values-based filter and focus. What one word can you live into a little bit each day? Think about it. What word will serve to guide you? 

Some examples might be:

  • Loving
  • Present
  • Connected
  • Spiritual
  • Wealthy
  • Healthy


Look at any one of those words. You can set your filter in the morning and at the end of the day, you can give yourself a score based on how you did in staying focused on getting closer.

  • Was I loving?
  • Was I present?
  • Etc.
  • Etc.


Pick a word that you can live into each day, even if just a little bit more each day.


What’s your word?

Focusing there is different from picking a resolution. And by the end of the year, you’ll be a lot further ahead by the end of the year than if you had a resolution you dropped for any number of reasons.



  • Pick a word
  • Live into it every day


It’s just that easy! Stay true to your word!


I welcome your feedback and look forward to knowing how you’re doing!

See you here next week!


= Wayne = 

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