Truly OWN your space in the world.


Communicate to be heard and know you've been understood.


Feel the clarity that comes with having specific values-based targets and a plan to get there.

Amazing Updated Online Program


The Powerful Presence® Program


The Powerful Presence® Program is a 6-week program that’ll walk you through the steps of owning your space, communicating to be heard, creating action-inspiring values to open the door to your next level of greatness so you can cut through to what matters most. 


It’s a program that, even if you’re confident, gives you stronger stabilizers while injecting rocket fuel into who you are.  People who take decisive action are my biggest success stories.


Let's reignite your ability to want more and know that you deserve to show up bigger. Let's boost your business' bottom line through your Powerful Presence®. Create deeper connections at home and become that person who shows up alive and vibrant in the world.


Can you picture that? (If you can, you know it's right there waiting for you. If you can't, well... maybe you have some work to do because the world needs you to show up bigger!) It's time to be that shining light, that beacon, for others.


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"I’ve worked with Wayne for almost a decade. There’s a reason I stuck with him. He’s an exceptional coach and changed the trajectory of my life. My business has exponentially expanded and I couldn’t be happier! Dr P is my guy!"

Dr. M. J. Orrico

"Working with Dr Pernell is life changing!!!"

M. Berry

What's Included:

💡 Six lessons, each carefully crafted from the best of Dr Wayne Pernell's four decades of experience. You'll receive guidance for identifying what it is you truly desire, making your plan to step into that, and building your confidence along the way

💡 A monthly LIVE "Office Hours" session with Dr Wayne Pernell where he's there to support you and invites you to ask him anything

💡 A community of like-minded people who are going through the program or have been in the program

💡 Additional Access to the monthly calls and to the community, even long after you've completed your program

The program's transformational promise is:

The Powerful Presence® Program guides you to show up with remarkable confidence, power, and presence at home, at work, and in the world.


This program is right for you if...

Are you feeling good in the world, but know you could actually have, do, or BE more?

Can you imagine what it would feel like to be just that bit more decisive and then to have people around you enthusiastically support you?

Is it possible that the success target you aimed for years ago has you on a path that feels empty and unfulfilling?

Maybe you want to wake up feeling IN Purpose and ON Purpose, excited to start the day.

If any of these resonate for you, NOW is the time to enroll in The Powerful Presence® Program!

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About Dr. Wayne Pernell


Dr. Wayne Pernell is a highly sought speaker, Amazon #1 International Best-Selling Author, blogger, podcaster, and High-Performance Breakthrough Coach bringing more than thirty-five years of experience in lifting others to set new strategic targets and attain exceptional success. He is known for being insightful and engaging. Dr Pernell is a member of the Forbes Business Council and has regularly been on Fox, NBC, ABC, and CBS television, various radio programs, and podcasts around the country also having contributed to Fast Company, Entrepreneur, and the NY Times, among others.



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