Stop Fixing Problems That Don't Exist

wednesdays with wayne May 01, 2019

I found myself telling a friend that we needn’t fix a problem that isn’t ours to fix because, really, it’s only a “problem” if we view it that way.  And in this week’s Wednesdays With Wayne, I’m asking you to take inventory of where you’re putting your energy and whether it’s really serving you.

In Choosing Your Power (my first book), I talked about my Jamaican experience where I was told “no problem” (a great saying that’s pronounced “no problaayyymmm”) which was followed by, “you fix da ting and no problemmm.”  

And that makes so much sense.  If something’s broken, just fix it.  Then it’s not a problem.

My question is
who is judging what’s broken?

If you’ve got a need in a relationship, you’re allowed to (encouraged to) have a voice and state what you need.  

That said, as you look at someone else’s behavior and that person isn’t affecting anyone adversely other than just behaving in a way
you don’t want them to, it isn’t broken.

It isn’t broken and it is therefore not yours to fix.

It’s only broken or a problem if you make it one.  

And that is the bottom line:  Stop fixing problems that don’t exist. Put your heart into building bridges, bringing joy, and sharing love.  Make that your mission and everything else gets easier.

Keep making your magic.

Make May Matter!

~ Dr P ~

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