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It's My Birthday! And That Means...

wednesdays with wayne Sep 29, 2021


Most people celebrate January 1st as the New Year.

For me, I use my birthday to celebrate. 

And yes, today is my birthday!


I do some deep reflection. I look at where I’ve been this past year. And OH, what a year!


I look back at my accomplishments, the struggles, and the wins. I look at the course-correction I made for myself, as well. Success isn’t a straight path. It’s a continuous climb with multiple points of celebration. And today, I celebrate the past and the future!


I also plan for the future.

Planning is different from wishing. I have a few wishes. I don’t hang on to those so much. In fact, it’s my DESIRES that I pay attention to. What is my heart telling me? What path must I pay attention to and not ignore??


This past year, I’ve fulfilled some serious dreams and started on some new ones.

A couple of years ago, I had a strong desire to be on Big Stages. I want to… need to share my message in some big ways. Mindset matters and perspective shift matters! (More on that later.) 


The thing is that I began working with a mentor whose focus is stage work. She’s an award-winning director out of New York. Tricia Brouk and I connected, and it wasn’t long before I stepped into her VIP program. We have regular calls. She preps me and coaches me. And now, having become a TEDx speaker, I’m onto bigger things.


Well, my dream was to work my way onto Big Stages and about six months after I began working with Tricia, she told me that she had connected with some international documentary producers based in Spain. They’ve won awards for their past work, and they had a new project that Tricia told me she’d like for me to be a part of. They’re following a couple of select speakers on their climb.

The name of the documentary they’re producing is called Big Stages.


What?? Well, yes. Of course I said yes! And for the past few months, I’ve flown to New York to do some Big Stages work. It’s a commitment. It’s a passion. It’s an investment of time, energy, and money. And it’s work! 


I was super clear about my desire. I wanted Big Stages and it showed up! It wasn’t what I had planned, and yet I couldn’t ignore what showed up for me. 


So today, as I look ahead to the New Year, MY New Year, I get in touch with myself, and I listen. What is my true desire? I know that the clearer I am about that, the more likely my desire will manifest somehow. I know it. 


I know it with every fiber of my being because I’ve got Clarity. 


The clearer you are about what you truly desire – what YOU truly Desire – not just kind of, sort of want, you will find that two things happen: 1) you’ll encounter resistance (that often looks like doubt or a lack of confidence), and 2) when you quiet that noise, the Truth of the path opens for you. 


That’s the work I do with myself and it’s what I share with others. It’s how I became known as The Breakthrough Success Coach and one of the top mindset speakers and coaches. It’s all about mindset and it really is M-A-G-I-C. 


Clarity counts!


M – Mindset

A – Accountability

G – Gratitude

I – Inspiration 

C – Clarity 


Keep making your magic! 

And if you want to work with me on yours, reach out to me.

In the meantime, watch this free Masterclass on Powerful Presence® that I made for you!


See you next week!


= Wayne = 


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