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It's Hard Till It's Not

wednesdays with wayne May 18, 2022

I just got back from a root canal. WooHooo!!! Such exciting news, I know. Pretty much everything in life brings with it lessons because of the meaning that we give to things. And we are amazing at giving meaning to things, right??


Is it hard to go to the dentist? Is it exciting to be referred to an endodontist for care? Um, well, it depends. It’s not the easiest thing to wake up in the morning and say, “Yessss! Today’s the day for my root canal.” Everything is hard until you experience it enough. Then, it becomes not so hard. That said, no one should become an expert patient when it comes to having root canals done. 


The truth is that practicing anything that isn’t something you look forward to makes it easier and builds expertise. And practicing anything you do look forward to makes “the easy” even easier.


I’m an expert dish-doer. I can just get ‘em done. I don’t look forward to it and I also don’t run away from it. I’m an expert cat-box cleaner. I don’t look forward to it. No, I really, really don’t look forward to it. Nor do I look forward to cleaning cat barf off of the floor. I’ve chosen to have cats, certain unpleasant tasks need to be done, and when they’re done, everyone is happier. Besides dishes and cat boxes, I’m an expert blogger. I’ve been blogging for years; every Wednesday, I produce this blog and I produce a podcast called One Sharp Sword (look for that on whatever platform you listen). Do I look forward to writing? Sometimes yes. Sometimes it’s just inconvenient. And yet, I get it done. I like the outcome. I like the feeling of accomplishment.


What about you? 

What have you put off that you might become more of an expert at and can get done so much faster and easier now? Your bills? Your taxes? Your sales calls? Your content creation? Your nutrition??


Or maybe it’s that tough conversation at work or at home you’ve been putting off.


Maybe it’s searching for that new job or partner or car or credit line or science article.


Maybe you need to get better at shutting down social media. 


Trustworthy with yourself and with those you made the promise to. You, first. You’ve got to become trustworthy with yourself and not start bargaining with yourself around what you said you’d do and the follow through you told yourself you’d have. Other things always come up. Committing and practicing follow-through stop you from getting side-tracked.


That stuff happens to everyone, even the most driven and most successful. The difference is the time spent in the sidetrack. Moments vs. minutes to hours. 




Prove yourself trustworthy.


That’s how you’ll do the hard stuff till it gets easy!


Keep making your magic! See you here next week.


= Wayne = 

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